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I know something about one of them... I know that it’s on the plateau and the area around it is crawling with snorks. I go shooting at them every couple days... Why are you looking at me like that? Their whole lair can't be taken out in one go.


Getting to the Plateau is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Any stalker, when asked about crashed helicopters, will either have no idea what the player is talking about or recall that the helicopter landed on the Southern Plateau. Inquiring as to how to reach the higher ground will have the stalker point the player to a 'psycho' named Noah and begin this mission. Owl will also direct the player towards Noah if they pay him for information about Stingray 3 .

The PDA will have an objective marker south of the Skadovsk in a small vessel. Its inhabitant is paranoid enough to empty two shotgun shells at the door, so the player should stand a bit to the side after trying the handle. Noah and his pet Pseudodog aren't hostile to the player - aside from the former's violent method of greeting visitors - so there is no reason to attack him. The player can ask Noah about how to reach the southern plateau. Noah, thinking the player wants to go Snork hunting, agrees to lead him there. Noah can also be killed, in which case his PDA will tell the player where to go. Killing Noah and his Pseudodog is incredibly difficult early in the game, and it also negatively affects the game's ending, so asking nicely is much quicker.

If Noah leads the player, a cutscene will trigger where both the protagonist and Noah are at the Burnt Farmstead anomaly. Noah runs past Burner anomalies, leaps off a cliff - and disappears. The player must do the same. Getting a detector and bolts out and dodging the anomalies is the safest way to continue. Leaping into the Space Anomaly (it cannot be seen, but a sprint jump off the edge where Noah leapt will do the trick regardless) will deposit the player far to the south of Zaton.

Noah seems to have run off, but will congratulate the player on his jump over the radio and ask to do it again sometime. The mission completes here. Stingray 3 is a short distance to the east.


The player gains access to the Stingray 3 crash site.


  • As soon as the player steps out of the Space anomaly, the edge of the plateau is not very far in front of him. Walking off it by accident will drop the player into the Circus anomaly, forcing a return trip through the Space anomaly.
  • This mission is entirely optional. The Space Anomaly will be at the farmstead regardless and can be used directly to get to the plateau.