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Now I'm all alone in this stinking underground facility. Vasiliev doesn't count; he's just a burden which I'll have to protect.


Ghost (Prizrak / Призрак) was one of Strelok's closest friends and an expert infiltrator, one of the best in The Zone.


Having mastered the art of sneaking, Ghost lived up to his nickname, with one of his achievements the removal of the leader of a fanatical cult, called Final Day. He is not a stone cold killer however - he's friendly and loyal to his friends and coworkers, most notably Strelok, whom he refused to abandon at the CNPP during their first raid to the center of the Zone, despite the insistence of Fang. He and Strelok often exchanged stashes and messages at their safehouses too, further strengthening their friendship. These can be found in stashes throughout Call of Pripyat.

His reputation and legacy were also strengthened by his unique suit which gifted the ability to heal when worn.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

After the latest excursion into the center of The Zone, Ghost reported to Strelok about the loss of Fang. Afterwards, he proceeded to run jobs for the Ecologists at Lake Yantar, with the latest one taking his life - Lab X-16. He died at the hands of a Controller after the Ecologist he was escorting ran away, leaving him for dead. Before he died, Ghost recorded his final PDA message, cursing Vasiliev for being a coward and not turning off the switches that powered the prototype emitter.

Ghost's unique suit can be looted from his body in Lab X-16.

Call of Pripyat[]

If the player has managed to get all of Strelok's notes and delivers them to him, Strelok will solemnly mention that Ghost and Fang were his best buddies.