God damn my bosses[1]...won't leave an old man alone. First Mesa[2], then some strange town in Russia[3]. And now they send poor little Gordon into the endless Ukrainian plains. Take your jemmy and have fun.
Made it into the Zone. Are there really no bears here? Who am I going to fight then? I'm not finding my bearings too well in this place. I had to give my little crowbar[4] away for a [can of meat.
The blowout has started. The Barkeep told me to hide my ass and keep it hidden. I chased some rats out of an abandoned tunnel. I hope to wait out the bad weather in here.

- Gordon's PDA's last entry

Gordon's PDA is an item that appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Gordon's PDA is a PDA carried by Gordon Freeman. The PDA can be found on his corpse in Wild Territory area, in a tunnel near the helicopter crash site. To get it simply search him. The easiest way to find Gordon and the PDA on him is to follow Hunter's side mission Find the family rifle.


  • This PDA and its entry is made in a form of a pun and a tribute to Half-Life series.


  1. Reference to the G-man who "employed" Freeman after the events of Half-Life. He has the ability to teleport Gordon, which can explain, how he arrived to the Zone.
  2. Black Mesa Research Facility is a location in Half-Life where an accident happened resulting in alien invasion. This is most likely comparable to the Chernobyl disaster.
  3. The events of Half-Life 2 take place in a city known as City 17, located most probably in Russia or one of the ex-Soviet Union countries.
  4. The crowbar was Gordon's most basic, melee weapon throughout the Half-Life series
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