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Grenades are explosive munitions that are either thrown by hand or fired from grenade launchers. If used correctly, grenades can flush an enemy out of a confined area or damage a cluster of enemies. However, extreme care must be considered before using an grenade as they do not discriminate friend from foe, a carelessly launched grenade may do more damage to the player's side than the enemy's.

Hand Grenades[]

Hand grenades are small explosive devices that are designed to explode either by a time-delay fuse or impact fuse which explode upon hitting a hard surface. In all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, all grenades are time-delayed grenades and are all made by former Soviet nations.

Hand Grenade quotes[]

In Clear Sky all NPCs will shout something when about to throw a grenade, when heard it should be a priority to eliminate him before he throws it, or get out of the way if he is friendly and you are close to the enemy. Each faction has their own set of quotes which are amusing to some and some involve some strong language.

By Call of Pripyat however, stalkers now shout in Russian whenever they throw a grenade, which may be a little problematic for players who aren't versed in Russian. A basic tip for non-Russian-speaking players however, is to keep an ear out when a stalker screams: "granata!" or "granatu!", which both mean grenade.

Clear Sky grenadier quotes[]

Clear Sky[]

  • Eat this you Nazi!
  • The asshole dug in...Wait! Let me use this!
  • The asshole dug in...here! catch a grenade!
  • Blow this cocksucker!
  • You're gonna get my special grenade treatment!

Bandits and Renegades[]

  • Eat it!
  • Choke on this, cocksuckers!
  • Find cover, grenade incoming!
  • Snack on this you turds!


  • Hold hands girls, I got a grenade for you!
  • Here's an "artifact" for you, assface!
  • Dance little monkey!


  • I hear a grenade to the head is the best medicine!
  • Here's a pound of happiness for you!
  • Who needs bullets when you have grenades?!
  • This will help you spill your guts!
  • Handle this carefully, it's a grenade!

Loners and Mercenaries[]

  • Get yourself together...because here's a grenade to blow you apart!
  • Sample this for me!
  • I've got plenty to go 'round!


  • Here's a grenade for you, BITCH!
  • You like fruit? Here's a pineapple for you!
  • I owe you one......grenade!

Launcher grenades[]

Launcher grenades are explosive shells designed to be used with grenade launcher modules. Grenade shells are typically capable of out-ranging grenades thrown by soldiers as the shells use propellant to launch their warhead while still retaining the same destructive effect.

All launcher grenades in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series are explosives that will detonate on impact. Also do note that unlike in the real world, launcher grenades in the series have no minimum arming distance (meaning the minimum distance a grenade must travel for the explosive trigger to be armed.) and a carelessly-launched grenade in close quarters may end you up in a world of hurt.

Rocket-propelled grenade[]

A Rocket-propelled grenade is an explosive warhead that is launched by a small rocket propulsion system. The powerful launch system allows these types of munitions to carry powerful explosive loads across relatively long distances with favorable accuracy. They are however, expensive and heavy.


  • As with all explosive devices in the real world, care must be taken with explosive ranges of grenades when using them. Many times, an inexperienced stalker has ended up on a slab or in a triage due to their carelessness with grenades.
  • NPCs in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series will respond to a hand grenade by trying to warn others nearby by shouting, "Grenade!" in Russian.
  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, only the player has the advantage of being able to use grenades, but in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, the player no longer has that advantage, since all the human NPCs can use them. However, except for the select few wielding a Bulldog 6, only the player can use an under barrel grenade launcher, NPCs doesn't seem to use them, even if it's loaded and they have ammo for it.
  • In Clear Sky, NPCs can use grenades at impossible ranges with incredible accuracy. In Call of Pripyat, NPCs are as much a danger to themselves as to others when using grenades, especially indoors, due to the fact they have a tendency to lob their grenades without taking into account their current surroundings, which normally results in them throwing their grenades at their feet rather than their enemies location.
  • Unlike most video games, the grenades in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series actually produce visible fragments that damage opponents in addition to the shockwave of the explosion (most games only have the shockwave) and under some circumstances the fragments can actually be seen, especially if they ricochet off of nearby walls.