We can't give in to them! No matter what you give them, they always want more!
- Grizzly to Torba

Grizzly (Гризли) is a Loner character in Call of Pripyat. He is friends with Torba and Mitay.


Call of PripyatEdit

Grizzly appears in Yanov station, near the left-most quarter of the station's bar, along with Torba. He and Torba are arguing what they should do about Mitay's predicament, which the player can overhear when going near the two's table. Grizzly keeps insisting that they should sell the artifact they found and use the money to hire stalkers to take Mitay by force, while Torba keeps insisting that it's hopeless to fight the bandits and should just pay the ransom.

Grizzly is the only character of the two the player can talk to initially, as Torba does not trust the player.

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