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Grouse (Gluhar / Глухарь) is a Loner stalker appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


According to Grouse, he used to be a police detective before coming to The Zone. Grouse also co-founded the Skadovsk bar with Beard and acts as the local sheriff in Zaton using his previous experience as a detective.


Call of Pripyat[]

The player is directed by Grouse to find Danila at the Oakpine anomaly and then directed to the Antenna complex where he helps the protagonist survive an initial scouting of a deadly bloodsucker lair.

Sadly, Grouse is eventually killed by Tremor at the Dock Cranes during the discovery of Tremor's addiction. Discovering this fact is essential for earning Detective achievement.


  • His name (Глухарь) is translated by google as Capercaillie which is correct. Some players downloaded or bought the Russian version and then by mechanically translating the XML files into English created a playable game, however this name was rejected for a simple transliteration of the name (Glouchar). For this reason some guides/forums refer to him as Glouchar. GSC chose to go for a similar bird more commonly known in the West and settled for Grouse.
  • A bug occurs when the player sleeps before accepting the mission in which Grouse turns hostile. This will not affect the bloodsucker lair mission. He will, however, open fire at the player as soon as he exits the drainage pipe leading to the swamp. Grouse will remain hostile until killed.
  • This character is a reference to the Russian TV series " Capercaillie " . About the police investigator , whose surname Gluhariov .
  • In russian criminal police's slang, "глухарь" mean crime, the probability of which disclosure is extremely small.[1][2] (While adjective "глухой" mean "deaf" - and the bird name comes from this, but adverb "глухо" mean "silence", "no information").