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This stalker bodysuit with reinforced body armor made by Freedom craftsmen represents a good compromise between combat and anomaly protection. The built-in body armor comprises armor plating and ten Kevlar layers, capable of stopping a pistol bullet. The suit uses the relatively expensive Sovereign compound for anomaly protection. Comes with an artifact container.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The Guardian of Freedom suit, also known as the Freedom Guard suit, is a stalker suit featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The Guardian of Freedom suit is a stalker bodysuit created by Freedom artisans. The suit uses a dual-layered material which combines specially treated leather and a fabric with asbestos yarn to increase the suit's radiation and anomalous protection. The fabric of the suit has been treated with a special holding compound called Sovereign, which makes the bodysuit virtually invulnerable to mechanical damage and fabric tearing, further expanding the suit's protection against anomalous effects.

Although it is unknown what kind of armor plating the built-in body armor uses, the armor plating has been reinforced with zirconium elements, while the body armor also uses ten Kevlar layers. This allows the body armor to prevent a pistol bullet from piercing through the armor, while it also allows the wearer to be protected from submachine gun, assault rifle and fragmentation damage from all ranges.

The Guardian of Freedom suit uses a two-compartment artifact container in Clear Sky, while the Guardian of Freedom suit in Call of Pripyat comes with one artifact container.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

The Guardian of Freedom suit bears a resemblance to the light Duty and stalkers suit. It is always worn with a gas mask or a face mask.

Of all the Stalker suit variant armours, the Guardian of Freedom suit gives the highest overall protection. It boasts good protection against impact and explosion while still able to reliably protect the wearer from anomalies. It is however, the heaviest of them all, weighing in at 6 kg, a kilo heavier than the Stalker suit, PSZ-9d Duty suit, and Monolith suit.

It includes a 1st generation night vision module.


  • It can be obtained from either going to the Freedom base in the Army Warehouses and taking one from the armory, however a Freedom member guards the armory.
  • Lukash will reward the player with this suit after finishing the mission which requires the player to bring him the unique Healing Beril suit.
  • Skinflint may also sell a Guardian of Freedom suit to the player if he's friendly with Freedom.
  • One can also be found in a trailer in the Monolith base during the mission to turn off the Brain Scorcher.
  • Another can be found in a storage cubby on the second floor of the southernmost block of three linked apartment blocks to the West of the Monolith Headquarters (North of the Bus station) in Pripyat. The area may be guarded by a squad of Skat-9M military armoured suited military stalkers.

Clear Sky[]

The suit returns in Clear Sky assuming a brand new design. The lighter Shadow of Chernobyl model is now an NPC-only suit, whereas the player suit (and also worn by some Veterans) is now based on the Berill-5M armoured suit, albeit with different colors and camouflage, including its Sphere-08 helmet, sporting a pattern akin to the German Flecktarn camouflage instead of the European woodland pattern used on the Berill.

The stats are similar to a Berill-5M but with telepathy protection. Overall the suit is marginally inferior to the CS-1 Body Armor, but comes with one more artifact container.

The original Shadow of Chernobyl model worn by Freedom NPCs is significantly less armored than the recolored Berill version, being comparable to most other Stalker armors such as the Sunrise suit or Duty PS5-M Universal Protection in terms of firearms resistance.


It's fully upgradable (three tiers) and it has good durability. It can only be modified by Uncle Yar.


This suit can only be obtained after the player joins the Freedom faction. It is given to the player for free after joining the faction, and is commonly sold by Ashot after joining Freedom.

Call of Pripyat[]

In Call of Pripyat its model returned as it did in Clear Sky and assuming the name "Freedom Guard suit" in some translations, with the lighter variant being NPC-exclusive and the heavier variant available to Veterans and the player. It has the best anomaly protection among the medium suits with same bulletproof protection as the CS-3a and comes with one artifact slot, making it a very effective high-end suit and counterpart to the PSZ-9d Duty armor and Skat-9 military armoured suit.


However, all this comes at a price – it has only three upgrade paths, as opposed to other medium suits which have four, which somehow negates the fact that it has better base stats. Oddly for a Freedom suit it has neither carry weight nor weight reducting upgrade, and it has more bulletproof upgrades than the CS-3a. As with most medium suits, it can be easily upgraded to two artifacts but unlocking four requires the Calibration Kit.


  • Given for free in the player's locker in Yanov once they get the A Friend of Freedom achievement.
  • Sold by Hawaiian after getting the aforementioned achievement.


  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, when the player equips the suit, the third-person model actually is that of the Wind of Freedom suit, due to a developers oversight. It can be easily fixed by setting the correct actor visual model in the outfit.ltx file.
  • Despite the appearance of the Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat model, the Guardian of Freedom suit is not exactly a Freedom Berill-5M Armored Suit. The bodysuit has been created from the ground up by Freedom artisans, uses different materials and lacks the elbow and knee pads used by the Berill-5M Armored Suit, instead opting for fabric pads. However, the bulletproof vest is a PS5 series body armor, which the Berill-5M Armored Suit does use.

Behind The Scenes[]

  • Both versions of the Guardian of Freedom suit appear as recolours of other suits. The lighter variant is a Freedom-coloured PS5 series bodysuit, and the heavier version is a Berill-5M with a Flecktarn-like camouflage.