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The Guide (Provodnik / Проводник) is a Loner who appears S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Guide is credited of being the first Stalker ever. Some folks say it is nearly impossible to find him, while others even deny his existence. He is alleged to know every location of The Zone and can slip past the most dangerous anomalies and sneak past the largest groups of enemies.

While not very open to others, if a lucky Stalker does happen to meet him for travel reasons, Guide will escort the Stalker to his destination via the quickest and safest route, provided the Stalker has a large amount of rubles.

It is said that Guide was part of Strelok's Group and helped him reach the center of the Zone several times. However, the conversation the two have at Fox's camp just before Strelok destroys C-Consciousness makes this highly unlikely. See Meet with Guide for a transcript of the conversation.


Have you heard about Guide? The very first true stalker. He was the one who originally broke into the Zone and he's still alive. People say he can take you to any place, you just need to name it. Now, finding him’s a bit tricky, ain’t no posters around with his address... And he won't go with just anybody, either. From what I hear, he charges quite a bit. But if you find him and have enough cash, you can rest assured he’ll take you where you need to go. Now, that’s someone I’d like to have a chat with. You can bet he's been past the Red Forest...


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Guide is known to wander around the Cordon, most of the time sitting by the fire in the hut where the player first met Fox. It is imperative for the Marked One to meet him to get the canonical ending of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

If the player visits Strelok's stashes under Agroprom after finding Ghost the objective to speak with the Guide will not be given, and the guide will not spawn. This means that the player will be unable to open Strelok's stash in Pripyat and get the decoder, and only the false endings are available.There is still a possibility to steal the decoder through the hotel room window by simply throwing a grenade inside to move the decoder closer to the window by means of explosion

Call of Pripyat[]

In Call of Pripyat, Guide never appears but is mentioned twice. He is the one who escorted the Military survivors of the Stingrays. Later, he helps Strelok to escape Monolith forces and link up with the Military survivors in the Laundromat via an underground passage.


  • It is rumored that Guide wished to be able to travel anywhere while on one of the trips with Strelok. This is not probable, as Doctor claims that no one who went to the Wish Granter has come back alive, not to mention that the Wish Granter usually turns the wish into an ironic reality.
  • Despite being the first (thus most experienced) resident of the Zone, upon first encounter with him, his gear is very weak and even if you help him, he still can be killed by local wildlife. This puts his experience into doubts.
    • One lore-friendly probability as to why Guide possesses such mediocore equipment is because he mostly seems to travel alone and relies on his navigation skills to avoid dangerous encounters with mutants and hostile groups. Thus, he would rarely need to resort to his weapon.
  • On very rare occasions, the Guide may be killed by dogs or mutants when you reach his location for the doctor quest. If you do not have an extra save file on hand, it is best to look at a walkthrough on how to reach the doctor.
  • Even though he is said to be the first stalker that breached into the Zone, somehow his rank in Shadow of Chernobyl is mere experienced instead of master.