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Then again, we'll wait here until the client's courier shows up - the air is a hell of a lot fresher here.

Hatchet's message to Hook

Hatchet (Also named "Slasher" in some translations) is a mercenary who appeared only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Call of Pripyat[]

Zaton Depot[]

Hatchet is the squad leader of a team of mercenaries based in Zaton, they can be found in the Substation Workshop. Of note, he is the only Mercenary leader who is neutral or friendly towards the player. He gives a quest requesting the player bring him six food items so that he can supply his men to replace lost rations. If the player accepts and finishes the quest, Hatchet allows him access to the camp, as well as to the blowout shelter in the back area (in the event of a blowout, the Mercenaries will sometimes lock the door on the player if he isn't quick enough - likewise, if the player gets in quick enough they can sometimes lock out the Mercs).

This is somewhat important as some of the Mercenaries are camping beside a box of fine tools, which can be turned in to Cardan for Tier 2 upgrades quite early in the game. The peaceful route is far more attractive than slugging it out with Hatchet and his veteran Mercs, especially early in the game. One might also give food first, but then engage the Mercenaries from witin their camp using it's linear structure to line up the enemies for easy kills from behind cover (you can even loot your sausages back!). Backstabbing the camp in this way can supply the player with a decent amount of NATO weaponry and a scope in the early game.

One can also opt to wait until later in the game, where Slasher and his men may eventually lose a battle of attrition with the bandits that routinely march past his outpost - but again, the price of admission is incredibly low for the reward inside.

Killing other mercenaries, other than the ones in his squad, will not damage one's reputation with Hatchet.

Yanov Mobile Lab[]

Unlike Black, Skull, and Jackal, Hatchet and his men appear to have given up on their mission in the Zone - in the script they're referred to as 'lost' or 'rogue' Mercenaries. True to this, they can be hired as an alternative to Duty, Freedom, or Spartacus when the Ecologists need new guards to replace Black's unit. The Loners in the area admit that Hatchet is quite popular amongst the population due to his relatively kind and forgiving nature, and think he'd make a better fit with his more rational approach to security. They immediately become friendly to the player, and even welcome him onto the top of the Lab - though there's nothing of value up there anyways.

The rest of Hatchet's squad can be interacted with but they have nothing important to say.

Hatchet can also be asked about traveling to Pripyat, but politely declines, stating his only mission is to keep Poplar and the other Ecologists safe.

Hatchet's squad[]

The members of his squad are:

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  • He also appears to go by the name of "Tesak", as mentioned in Hook's PDA.
    • "Tesak" is Russian for backsword.
  • To date, Hog, Slasher and Leshiy are the only unique mercenaries in the entire S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to remain totally neutral to the player. Slasher is the only one that can become a friendly.
  • There is a slight bug in Hatchet's scripting that has him attack the player if one exits the area of the workshop with a weapon drawn. This can be simply avoided by holstering one's weapon when Hatchet orders the player to do so.
  • When asked, Loners, Bandits, and Colonel Kovalsky  tell the player that a military unit had a little battle with Hatchet and his men. However, the military backed off probably thinking that the battle was worthless. There were no casualties on either team.
  • If the player goes to Pripyat and didn't disrupt the camp of Ridge and Hook or completes the Yanov Bunker reinforcement quest in favor of Duty, Freedom, or Spartacus' Loners: Hatchet's squad will mysteriously disappear from the old workshops, perhaps to continue their mission or relocate to a better area. They are never seen again when this happens.