Come on over man. I got all the shit you're ever gonna need.
- Hawaiian

Hawaiian (Gavaets / Гаваец) is the Yanov Station's barman and trader, and a Freedom sympathizer.

Appearances Edit

Call of Pripyat Edit

Hawaiian spends the entirety of the game behind the bar in the Yanov Station. Not only does he fill Beard's role as artifact and food trader, he sells weaponry and ammunition to the stalkers and factioners inside the Station. He leans towards Freedom, but if Duty wins the 'war' inside the station he will begrudgingly comply and sell the player Duty oriented wares.

Wares Edit

Due to his role as the only faction-specific trader in the game, it might be important to consider what he can sell before you take sides in the faction war. Listed below are the items more prevalent in his stores depending on who you side with - it should be noted that some of these items may still appear if the player sides with the opposite faction, just at astronomically rare occasions. Some weapons listed under the 'high-tier' may also appear extremely rarely even if the player hasn't earned the A Wealthy Client Achievement - they likely may not be affordable if they do appear. Likewise, earning the Wealthy Achievement makes the lower tier weapons more likely to stock, meaning in general getting the Wealthy Achievement makes Hawaiian's store much more attractive compared to Owl, who eventually caps out and never sells as many 'big' items as Hawaiian - such as the PKM or FN 2000.

Getting the most out of Hawaiian, unfortunately, generally requires siding with one faction or the other - achieving Balance Advocate makes him lower his prices, but he won't offer any of the high-end goods.


Talking with Hawaiian is pretty limited, unless the player has to complete a faction related quest. If an aforementioned quest still needs to be completed, one can interact with Hawaiian to learn his opinion. For the most part, he will always tell the player to seek out Freedom for assistance and ignore Duty.


  • He is a fairly memorable character due to his boisterous attitude that other stalkers lack. One of his recognizable quotes is "Alooooooha!"
  • Hawaiian sports a ponytail. This may be hard to see as he usually faces the player, but he does have one.
  • Standard, Night-vision, and CQC Warsaw Scopes
  • Warsaw Grenade Launcher

- Requires Wealthy Achievement

  • Target-Identification Warsaw Scope
  • SUSAT High-contrast Scope

- Requires Wealthy Achievement

  • Standard, Night-vision, Adjustable SUSAT Scopes
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