The Helipad is a location in Yanov featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Located in the southern part of the map, this old military helipad was abandoned in 2008, and the military set up a mine field around the area[1].

The Stingray 1 helicopter crashed on this helipad after being hit by an airborne anomaly. The two pilots were killed on impact, and Sergeant Shlyachin was killed by a mine[2]. The remaining survivors, led by Colonel Kovalsky, encountered then a stalker named Guide, who took them to Pripyat[3].

The Helipad will be visited by the player in order to investigate the Stingray 1 wreck. Once they are done taking the black box, a horde of Boars and fleshes then rushes through the field, usually triggering most of the mines in the process. Random stalkers will then explore the area in freeplay, and mutants can be commonly found there.

Mine fieldEdit

The helipad's most distinctive feature is the minefield. The minefield covers the entire field (as well as pathway) between the helipad itself and the entrance. The mines are visible as blurry darker patches on the ground, 1,5-3 meters (5-10 feet) in diameter. They look much like craters left behind by explosion, only much lighter. This allows one to cross the minefield easily, especially via the concrete road on left of the minefield where the blobs are clearly visible and less densely placed. Placed mines are also visible on the minimap, as dark spots. They can also be spotted by throwing bolts at them, resulting in a distinctive "clicking" sound.

Anything (minus NPCs) can trigger the minefield. Triggered mines still appear in both the minimap and the level texture, though they can be identified as the bolt won't make them click.


  1. Random Freedom members when asked about the helicopters: "Yeah, you heard that story about the chopper in the mine field? Basically, the jarheads crashed onto the reserve landing pad which their fellow jarheads mined six years back. Now some folks say they did it out of stupidity, but I figure there's more to it than that. Look at it like this: nobody is gonna go there, so once the army boys complete their mission they can return to the chopper, patch it up a bit and off they go. I'd love to know what their mission is..."
  2. Colonel Kovalsky: "I was on it. As soon as comms with Stingray 4 went down, I informed the others of the designated evacuation point in Pripyat - I thought we could walk to the power plant. Almost immediately after that the chopper took a hit and I could smell something burning - the engine caught fire. The pilots managed to get us to the helipads near the Jupiter plant but they were both killed on impact. Then we lost Sergeant Shlyachin when it turned out that the approach to the helipads was full of mines... We lost another man, a Senior Lieutenant, in Pripyat while fighting Monolith forces for this building."
  3. Colonel Kovalsky: "We met a stalker not far from the minefield. I think he must have heard the mine exploding. A strange guy... called himself Guide. He didn’'t ask any questions and just offered to lead us to Pripyat. That suited our plan, so I agreed. We kept him in our sights just in case, but everything went smoothly... He didn't say a word until we reached the city, and when we did he just disappeared without warning. I ordered my men to leave him be."
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