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*Sigh* Very well, come on over, what can I do for you?

Professor Hermann

Professor Hermann is the head of the Ecologist team in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Professor Hermann is a scientist working for the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and leader of the recent expedition of the Ecologists to the northern parts of the zone. He used to visit Sakharov's bunker in Yantar but eventually insisted to the head members of the Ministry of Education that a second research bunker must be available at all times, especially considering the recent predicament of the Brain Scorcher being disabled. After successfully persuading the Ministry of Education after a long argument with the head members, his bunker was dropped into the zone's northern area without military protection, owing this to Operation Fairway. This forced him to hire stalkers for field work and mercenaries for protection.

Hermann, like his predecessor Sakharov, remains inside the Mobile Lab in Yanov at all times. As the more cynical side of the scientific operation, he goes strictly by the book, but can be a cowardly man at times, especially when confronted with force. He sheepishly allows Black and his men to 'protect' the laboratory, and routinely refuses to send Poplar and his men out without appropriate protection. Since Black refuses to lend his own men, until the player happens upon the Lab their work is at a standstill and no major breakthrough has been made.


Call of Pripyat[]

With the player's help, however, things can start picking up again. With Poplar's missions hopefully succeeding, Novikov can offer new upgrades with the data acquired. Likewise, they begin to make breakthroughs in artifact and anomaly studies, and things begin to look up. With the player's assistance, Hermann decides to investigate the stories of other, previous scientific missions, sending them to Jupiter Factory to investigate a lead. According to their own mission, Black and his escort leave the lab to intercept the player for their own purposes. After this mission, Hermann's role in the main story diminishes, though he still gives the player a quest to find new replacements for the guards.

Documents related to the X8 Lab and Project 62 can be taken to Hermann, and he will print off his own copies while paying the player a very hefty fee, so while he may not be as useful for artifact trading as Beard, he still has some use. He also begins selling medical supplies at a decent cost, and is the only non-stash source of Anabiotics and other rare medicines such as Scientific First Aid-kits.


"Yes, you have my undivided attention."

"Very well, come on over, what can I do for you?"


  • Completing any mission for scientists will allow him to trade with the player.
  • Trading with Hermann is not a cheap affair. It's best to only buy what you absolutely need to get by - unless you have the Researcher and Friend of Stalkers Achievements, he's thrifty.
  • He will sell Veles detectors by default once trading is available at the base price of 2600RU.
  • Despite going by-the-books and generally being too cautious with his resources, he doesn't hesitate to send the player on extremely dangerous missions with little forewarning.
  • Once trading is available with Hermann, he has a chance of stocking a "Svarog" Detector regardless of whether or not Novikov has the necessary parts for one.