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A man. Homo Sapiens. A creature with freedom of choice. What choice? One between consumption and cognition. You know, if you focus only on consuming something, it's bound to come back up, one way or another. That's what happened to me. I too spent a few years being a stalker. I counted my days by the spent magazines and the loot I was able to earn. One day I looked back and saw nothing there. Only spent magazines, the loot I earned and the vodka I drank. I felt really sick and bitter. And right then I had a revelation. It was like I shed all that trash and finally became who I am. A hermit. Well, some also call me a shaman, and they're not wrong either.


Hermit (Otshelnik / Отшельник) also called Shaman (Шаман) by some, is a Loner who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Hermit was originally your everyday stalker who roamed the Zone for loot. According to him he counted his days with the number of magazines he spent and the amount of loot he collected. One day, looking back at his life in the Zone, all he saw was just spent magazines and the loot he had collected. He grew bitter and had a revelation that had him "shed all that trash" and became what he is, a Hermit.

Hermit is quite a phenomenon, something that Chekhov mentioned. According to him, he doesn't use armor or weapons (yet still wears a Sunrise suit) and the zone doesn't consider him an enemy and leaves him alone. Even mutants do not harm him. This lead him to believe that stalkers created their own problems in the first place by entering the zone, heavily armed. He considers the zone to be what you think it is, an enemy, a place of freedom, a place of riches or a stern "wet nurse".


Clear Sky[]

He lives in an underground tunnel located in the Stalker's settlement in Agroprom Research Institute, which can be accessed through a ladder going down in the upper left part of the camp, in the center of the four big water containers. He sells modified rifles including a fully upgraded AKM-74/2, a fully upgraded TRs 301 and an RPG-7u and some ammo and Scientific medkits. He offers Scar a mission to acquire a PDA with valuable information from a dead stalker named Abel who died in a chemical gas infested cabin in the small swamp in the north-western most part of Agroprom. The rewards for the job include a Flash drive with data on modifying the gas exhaust of a machine gun and a GP-25 Koster Grenade Launcher. He also gives the coordinates for OG-7V warheads which is located in the Agroprom Underground.


Hermit gives only one mission:


  • While the term Loner seems to be loosely defined among Stalkers since they do at times travel in groups together, Hermit is the only one to truly fit the definition of Loner in the most literal sense of the word.
  • If the player spawns him using an item spawner (like the wish granter in Stalker Complete), his spawnname will be hidden trader (agroprom) and he will spawn with a RPG-7 in a combat position. He will promptly put it away, however.