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Mitay is in real trouble... The bandits have started putting their foot down and demanding a cut of the artifacts stalkers find. We told them to take a hike, 'cause we figured stalkers don't owe nobody shit, and that seemed to be the end of it... But they ambushed the poor bastard when he went hunting for loot on his own and now they're demanding a ransom. Torba is suggesting giving them an artifact as ransom... I reckon we shouldn't give them shit. If we do, that means stalkers are working for the bandits... We should sell the artifact, hire us a solid crew and attack the bandit base.


Hostage is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is offered by Grizzly inside Yanov station. Grizzly tells the player that Mitay was taken hostage by the Bandits, and they are now demanding a ransom. Torba suggests to pay a ransom, whereas Grizzly suggests to attack the camp and free Mitay by force. The player then needs to choose a way.


Pay the ransom[]

Listen to Torba and pay the ransom to avoid a bloodbath. The reason why the two cannot do this themselves is because the bandits promised to kill them if they ever saw them again.

For that, Grizzly will give the player a rare Goldfish artifact. The player must then head to the Containers Warehouse, speak to the guard and speak to Shishak, giving the player two choices:

  • Pay with an artifact. If one wishes to keep the given Goldfish, Shishak will also accept a Firefly, Snowflake and Flame.
  • Pay 15000 RU.

Once the player accompanies Mitay to the entrance, they are blocked by Dwarf, who will demand an extra payment for getting out. The amount is randomized between 2000 and 5000 RU - a save game is advised so if the player is taken a too high amount, they can reload the game and hope to get a lower amount of money taken.

Once Mitay reached the exit, the player can take him back to Yanov station.

Paying the ransom is also a pre-requisite in earning the Diplomat achievement.

Rescue Mitay by force[]

Listen to Grizzly and show the bandits "they don't own the zone". Grizzly will assemble a team of stalkers (who are hinted to be ex-OMON agents) to help the player in the raid. The raid will take place during the night. The fight in the warehouse area is mostly close-quarters in narrow corridors, so assault weapons and shotguns are the best weapons to take here, a helmet with a night vision module installed and silenced weapons can also help greatly since the mission is fought around midnight.

Upon reaching the room Mitay is held in, the player is confronted with an old fashion hostage rescue crisis: Shishak will kill Mitay rather than let him go. The player has less than three seconds to kill Shishak or else he'll kill Mitay. Once the area is cleared, the player can take Mitay back to Yanov station and complete the mission.

Note that after the player attacked the bandits in the warehouse running away too far from the warehouses will cause the mission to fail as the bandits will now execute Mitay for the failed rescue. The entire strike-team being killed will not affect the mission in any way either but will make things harder if one is not prepared.

Rescue Mitay by force, alone[]

The most attractive/violent action for this is to rescue Mitay alone and still get one big payday, totaling around 29,000 RU max. First one must get Grizzly to give them the Goldfish by taking the peaceful way, then go to the bandits base. Enter the warehouse and speak to the guard to get inside the base.

Once the player reaches the garage, load a good weapon then clear the room (explosives are fairly effective, and a RPG-7u can clear the entire room). Clear out the bandits outside then speak to Mitay (he will stay in the rear room). Take him back to Yanov station to complete mission.


Regardless of the option taken, Grizzly will reward the player 5000 RU and the coordinates of two stashes, one containing an AKM-74/2 with supplies near the Stingray 4 crash site, and the other containing an AKM-74/2U and a TRs 301 along with ammo and supplies north to the Anomalous Grove.

If the player has taken the second option, they can take a Vintar BC sniper rifle from one of the raiders if they die.