Hound (Pes / Пёс) is a Loner appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Hound is Wolf's brother and was only seen in Clear Sky, and like his brother he wears a Sunrise suit with a gas mask. Hound was captured by a small squadron of bandits and held him for ransom of an unspecified amount.

Wolf, saying that there is no way his boys could come up with the money on time and requests that Scar rescue him from them. When Hound is rescued, he will request for either a pistol, shotgun or assault rifle as a weapon.


  • Because of a glitch, he sometimes dies in the spot near his brother. Which allows the player to get any weapon back he might have given Hound to defend himself in the escort mission.
  • There is a slight problem with this as he'll take a random weapon from the category mentioned in the former and not player specified, meaning that if you might have a Hunting rifle and a Chaser 13 as shotguns, he might take the Chaser instead of the Hunting rifle. To avoid this, temporarly drop whatever weapons you want to keep, and pick up a cheap weapon from one of the nearby Bandit's bodies. After you've interacted with Hound, pick up your weapons again.
  • In the place that he is being held by the Bandits, Its better not to shoot the explosive barrel that is placed there, Exploding the barrel would cause him to be Hostile to you possibly because he is in the explosion radius of the barrel.
  • If you have already complited Freedom's main quest, one Freedom squad will take the place where Hound is held by Bandits. However, when you take the quest from Wolf, Freedom squad will be replaced by Bandits. This can be helpful if you've joined Duty, because it allows you to enter the Dark Valley much easier and destroy Freedom squads on the roads to Garbage from the behind.
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