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Not so much unidentified as terrifying.


Trapper offers this quest after the player has completed Hunting: Kill the Swamp Bloodsuckers. It seems a group of stalkers were chased out of a station by some unknown mutants. Trapper asks you to investigate. The place to visit is the eastern tunnels near the Bitumen anomaly. A door to the east of the station platform is the way in.

After a seemingly fruitless stair climb and hallway crawl, the corridors open up into an indoor trainyard. Night vision is handy here. The 'unidentified mutants' are actually Burers on the ground floor (the grunting is usually a dead giveaway).

Engaging in a firefight with a Burer at mid range with bullets is nearly always futile. The best weapons to use against a Burer are a Hunting knife and nimble feet. The problem here is that there are two of them, so engaging one leaves the other free to hurl various objects around. To minimize damage, it is best for players to kill the Burer before it can do much damage. This means leaping down from the catwalk and slashing furiously at the mutant's head, a technique that works well regardless of game difficulty settings. Once one of the Burers has fallen, killing the other is much easier.

The Burer's ability to stop bullets also stops knife damage. Even worse, the Burer will turn its forcefield to face the player. Note the gesture it makes: two arms raised skyward. After a few seconds it releases the barrier and both arms come down. This apparently innocent lowering of the arms is actually a damaging melee pound attack, so wary players should back off a bit before resuming their melee assault. On Master, it can deal upwards of 50% damage to heavy armor.

If you're lacking good armor, try to scavenge from stashes as many grenades for underbarrel grenade launcher(s) as possible (or buy them, if you can) and go for it. 10 grenades should be enough even for bad shooter to kill both Burers. If you don't know, you can mount GP-25 Koster on default Akm-74/2 and M203 grenade launcher on default TRs-301 and you can find GP-25 along with PSO-1 scope and 3 grenades behind one big rock just near game starting point, on the east side of it and M203 GL in truck behind Waste Processing Station, along with 2 M203 grenades.

Once both Burers are down, reporting back to Trapper will complete the mission. Trapper will offer his final mission to avenge his friend: Night Hunt (Nocturnal Hunt in some translations).


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  • There is an odd flickering light inside the cabin of one of the train cars closest to the far wall from the door the player enters. At first glance it's eerily reminiscent of the glow from the Zaton mission Extraordinary Phenomena, or some kind of anomaly.
  • Player can actually identify mutants before going into tunnels since in miniature seen near mission's title there is a Burer clearly visible on it.
  • Very rarely, in tunnels one may found only one Burer. It may be some kind of bug, but very useful for player.