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Wait!... We've tracked down the chimera, so we can't lose any time. Crab is still down, Danila's not back yet and pursuing the beast with the two of us is just stupid. We need a third. You're a stand-up guy though. You found Magpie. What do you say we go hunting that stinking chimera together?


Hunting the Chimera is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is offered by Gonta inside the Skadovsk. In order for Gonta to give the mission, the player must have either completed In Search of Magpie (regardless of the outcome), or have spoken to Trapper regarding the Chimera.

One of the two Chimeras that caused Fox's death, after being wounded by Trapper, escaped to Zaton, only to be tracked by Gonta's group. However, the events with Magpie caused Gonta not to be able to take care of it after Crab was heavily wounded after an attack, and Danila went missing. Gonta then offers the player to help them kill it. Once the player accepted the mission, they must wait for the time to be 3AM to speak to Gonta.

The mission is set at Izumrudnoye in Zaton. The Chimera is sleeping below a large building. Considering it won't spot the player outright, the player should take this opportunity to take it down in a single hit. Only a few weapons can achieve this, namely the Gauss Rifle, a headshot with a shotgun such as the Eliminator, and any explosive weapon (grenade launcher, RPG-7u). If it wakes up, the player will have to fight it - make sure it stays away from Gonta and Garmata. Luckily, due to its wound, the Chimera has less health than a normal Chimera.

Once the creature is down, the player needs to report back to Trapper to complete the mission.


The reward for the mission is 2000 RU from Trapper, or 3000 RU if the player managed to take down the chimera within a single shot. As well, assuming Gonta and Garmata survived, Gonta will give the player a SPSA-14.

Completing the mission is a pre-requisite for the A Friend of Stalkers achievement.


  • Crab will be found at Gonta's table in the Skadvosk after the mission is completed.
  • If the player does not help Gonta and Garmata take down the Chimera (e.g. without firing a single shot, and with the two doing all the work), Garmata will mock the player before the mission fails.
  • If the player kills the Chimera in its sleep in a single shot, Gonta will compliment the player.