Dude, you seen this Magpie guy? Know him? No...? Well, if you come across that scumbag, feel free to put a bullet in his head.



Gonta the hunter offers this mission. He and his buddies Crab and Garmata were betrayed by a man named Magpie, who fled his post during a Chimera attack. Crab was injured in the attack because of Magpie's cowardice, and now lies in the sick bay at Skadovsk. Gonta and Garmata barely got away. Gonta requests the player's assistance in tracking down the coward.

After accepting the mission from Gonta, this mission seems like a dead end at every turn. Any stalker the player speaks to either doesn't know of Magpie, or doesn't know where he is. Owl has some information for the player for 1000 RU, but it is not necessary to purchase this hint to advance the mission. Owl tells the player that he won't be found in Zaton: he's actually hanging around Yanov. He also says that Magpie may be using a disguise to hide his tarnished identity.

Flint's stories seem familiar...

At Yanov, there is a man named Flint who proudly boasts to other stalkers of his accomplishments. After listening to him speak, players can make the connection immediately: these aren't his accomplishments at all, rather, he's taking credit for achievements that the player did! Flint is first found talking about how he killed a Controller singlehandedly, and will eventually will boast about many things if the player returns:

If the player has done enough of the corresponding sidequests, he can expose Flint as a liar on the spot. This launches a new quest to expose him: False Claims.

Another way to force Flint to expose himself as a liar is by finding the Freedom member Splinter at the Quarry. Splinter is dying of his wounds: he thanks the player if offered a Medkit, but says it won't help. With his last breath, he tells the player that he and Flint were hunting artifacts and that Flint left him to die in the chemical anomaly field. This launches the quest Retribution. Coincidentally, upon arrival back at Yanov, Flint will be boasting about grabbing a rare artifact. The player can call his bluff and he will admit to leaving Splinter to die as well as abandoning the hunting team back in Zaton.

False Claims and Retribution

The player has several faction disposition-influencing options at this point.

  • Turning Flint in to Duty: Lt. Shulga is initially hesitant to lend an ear to the player, stating that it is not his business, but his values eventually make him send some faction Experts in to deal with the backstabber. This increases relations with Duty. Duty will deposit a PS5-M Universal Protection in the player's personal box as thanks.
  • Turning Flint in to Freedom: Loki is eager to deal with the stain in his ranks. This increases relations with Freedom. Freedom will deposit a Wind of Freedom suit in the player's personal box as thanks.
  • Turning Flint in to Gonta: This easy-to-forget option is what Gonta wanted in the first place. He will give the player 3000 RU and head to Yanov to kill Flint himself.

No matter what the player does, this will resolve both quests. If the player turns Flint in to either Freedom or Duty, reporting back to Gonta is required for the mission complete.



  • The Courier of Justice achievement is bugged. The reward for the player's efforts is supposed to be Flint's equipment, but it never arrives in the player's personal box.
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