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Imagine the bragging rights when hanging out at the bar: hey man you may have killed this monster, but I caught him alive!


Inquisitor was a stalker who appeared only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Clear Sky[]

As a member of Duty, Inquisitor hosts a Zoo of sorts where he holds stuffed Mutants for the purpose of non-violent entertainment in the zone, and for training purposes, educating rookie Dutiers to "save them a clean pair of pants".

Originally, Inquisitor caught live Mutants by himself, but after almost getting killed on several occasions, persuaded other Duty Stalkers to help. Inquisitor's "Zoo" contains several common Mutants such as the Pseudodog, Boar and a pair of Bloodsuckers. He also has some cut mutants like the Mutated Cat. The head of a Chimera can also be seen.

Contrary to Inquisitor's implications while talking to him, his "Zoo" contains no live Mutants. As such, it would be more appropriate to rename it as "Taxidermy Museum".

He can be found inside the building with the helicopter on the roof, that is inside the Duty base in the Agroprom. He will help defend the base if it is attacked by enemy forces or if the player is hostile to Duty.

Note: The rare guitar collectable can be found nearby to where he is found sitting.