Buzz off! I am insane, I belong in the asylum! Stay away or I'll kill you!
- Insane stalker

Insane stalker from the Freedom faction was a name given to a minor character who appeared only in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

According to Max, this stalker saw something in the Bloodsucker village that drove him insane and made him extremely paranoid. After running away from the village, he holed up in a cabin near a small marsh just outside the Army Warehouses and proceeded to snipe at anyone who came too close.

Max gives a job that requires his termination and a USB drive from his body which would help Max understand what he saw.


  • Despite him being from the Freedom faction, he is affiliated with the Bandits, wears a Mercenary's suit and looks like one of the Zombified Stalkers. However him being affiliated with the bandits rather than Freedom may have been intended by the developers to prevent any reputation damage the player might incur with Freedom when he is killed.
  • He speaks, walks, and attacks in a zombified manner. He however, is perfectly capable of speaking western-accented English when he is not in combat.
  • It is not exactly known which faction he truly belongs to as he has many conflicting indications: it says he is a member of the Bandit faction but has no real connection with them nor does he act or speak like one. In his title, it states he is from Freedom although this is not supported as he is wearing a Merc Suit. It is not even known if he belongs to the Zombified group as he still is able to speak in coherent sentences but moves, looks, and attacks like them when provoked. This may be the case because he is likely to be extremely fatigued and tired from his exertions, or because he encountered the Controller that sometimes spawns in the Bloodsucker Village. The Merc Suit could be explained if he was a fresh Freedom member, and an ex-mercenary. He might still be wearing his old outfit and he probably belongs to the bandit faction so that he is hostile against the player (although it is unknown why the developers chose to include him in the bandit faction rather than the zombified faction, both hostile to everyone that isn't them).
  • In the original Russian audio, his mental state is more exaggerated, as he yells things in a strained, cracking voice and occasionally sings a couplet from an old naval song: "Врагу не сдаётся наш гордый Варяг / Пощады никто не желает!" - "Our proud Varyag [cruiser] won't surrender to the enemy / Noone wishes for mercy!" This coincides with his barracaded and hostile nature.
  • Ironically, it seems that the Stalker is aware that he is insane as he declares it when the Marked One is detected by him.
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