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There is an inscription on the handle of this pistol. What can be made out of it reads "For s...vice be..nd the ca.. of ..ty"[1]

In-game description

The Inscribed pistol is a unique PMm appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Inscribed pistol is identical in performance to a standard PMm pistol. The only differences are the name and the description. It cannot be upgraded, but it can be repaired by all technicians.


The weapon appears in a Loner job where the weapon has to be fetched from a bush near the northern Freedom checkpoint in the Garbage. According to its owner, the weapon was given to him by his grandfather. He lost it when fleeing from a pair of Bloodsuckers he and his drinking company had mistaken for bandits while drunk and had decided to scare by imitating mutant noises.


  1. "For service beyond the call of duty"