Top Secret. Order from Colonel P.P. Slavin. In accordance with this order, members of chemical protection unit # 423 are to be familiarized with with the following information:

1. Keys to the container with Perin B3 chemical solution are held by Colonel P.P. Slavin (key A) and Lieutenant Colonel K.S. Vlasov (Key B).

2. Convoy order starting from the front: Deputy unit commander's vehicle, escort vehicle # 8, APC # 1, transportation vehicle # 1, APC # 3, escort vehicle # 2, unit commander's (P.P. Slavin) vehicle.

Copies of the order to be handed to Lieutenant Colonel K.S. Vlasov and Senior Lieutenant R.B. Nazarenku.
- In-game description

Internal order No. 423 is a document in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description Edit

Internal order No. 423 is an intelligence item. There are three copies on the Preobrazhensky Bridge and can be sold together with Order No. 562 to Owl for 2400 RU. These documents may be found during the Bloodsucker Lair optional mission. However, they are not part of the mission itself.

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