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Yeah baby! We're now officially known as "Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team"! Don't be thinking that we forgot all about you now that we're scientists, haha! My "colleagues" and I have discussed this matter in great depth and our conclusion is... you've earned this buddy! If you find yourself in an anomaly or hit by an emission , God forbid, take a moment to send us a thank you note. We'll receive the message, trust me!

Topol first asked about new equipment

Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team appears only after completing 2 quests for scientists in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It is Scientists' field division. The team consists of four Ecologist-turned-Stalkers - Snake, Mace and Spirit, and the head of the team - Topol.


Iskra Team is actually a group of stalkers who are working for the scientists, and are located near their bunker. A stalker called Topol is the head of the team. In order for them to get the upgraded gear and become the Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team, the player needs to complete two missions for the scientists and make sure that nobody from Topol's team dies.


For both missions, it is recommended to bring a shotgun and anything else except for grenade, rocket launchers or low caliber weapons.

Intermittent Psy-emissions[]

First mission you have to complete is to find an Altered Insulator artifact which creates a psy-field in a tunnel north of Yanov, east of Kopachy Village. Topol's team was supposed to "take care" of all the mutants and zombies, while you get the artifact. Then, you and the Topol's team get attacked by a controller. There are several possible outcomes of this mission:

  • Topol's team gets hostile from the effects of the controller and you kill them. Effectively ending the career of him and his team. The reward for this mission drops dramatically and Hermann will hire a new team to replace the old.
  • You rescue Topol and his men from the controller; Topol will give you stash coordinates and you'll receive the full reward from Herman.

Anomaly Research[]

The second mission requires you to cover Topol and his team while they take measurements at 2 different anomalies: Plavni (Fen) and Ash Heap Anomaly. Fen is the hardest part of the mission, because some of the most dangerous mutants spawn right where the the team is taking the measurements. However, it gets easier on the Ash Heap anomaly. After you've taken the measurements, the team will go back to the bunker. After you go inside and claim your reward, you'll see brand new Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team standing outside the bunker.


Topol himself will be using an exoskeleton, GP-37 or SGi 5k. Snake and Spirit will be wearing SEVA suits, and have mostly TRs 301. Mace though, will be wearing a Radiation suit and using a SPSA-14 shotgun.


The next time you talk with Topol and take notice of his new equipment, he'll thank you with the following reward:

The conversation and the reward from Topol

  • x3 Scientific Medkits
  • x5 Anti-Radiation Drugs
  • x2 Psy-Block
  • x2 Antidote
  • x2 Radioprotectant
  • x1 Anabiotics
  • Screen Helmet