Jack is a leader of a group of bandits in Yanov during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

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A long-time bit player in the Zone, the absence of Yoga, and the death of Borov finally gave him a chance to take leadership amongst the bandits. He moved his operation away from the bitterly contested southern area of the Zone into Yanov, and quickly established a loan-sharking business along with other more traditional Bandit activities such as kidnapping and raiding.

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Call of PripyatEdit

Jack's main role in the story is his loan-sharking business, which Vano pleads for the player to intervene in. Based in an outpost not far south from the Yanov station, he routinely wrangles more Rubles from an already destitute Vano, as well as other unnamed stalkers. The player's relation with Sultan has no bearing on Jack's opinion - in his mind they are two separate businesses.

This can be worthwhile as Jack is likely the first user of the rare, top-of-the-line Protecta shotgun, one of two which can be modified to fire fully automatic. The fight isn't too terribly difficult if the player goes in ready for one; you can simply say you want to talk to Jack about Vano's debt, use the opportunity to get close to Jack to dispatch him before he can draw his weapon, then throw grenades out through the doorways and windows to thin out the bandits as they filter in to attack you.

If the player pays off Vano's debt, Jack and his gang of bandits will eventually leave the checkpoint and begin patrolling the Yanov area like a normal Stalker squad, albeit an abnormally large one as Jack will often have up to several bandits accompanying him as he travels the Zone. If the player sees an exceptionally large band of bandits traveling around Yanov, it is most likely Jack's group. They will travel to anomalies and other major points of interest during the evening hours, and will return to his bandit outpost in the morning to rest. While Jack's wandering puts him at risk of being killed in random encounters with mutants or Stalker squads, his superior skill level and weaponry, combined with the sheer size of his entourage, usually gives him a lot more staying power than the average wandering Stalker. Eventually however, he may perish and his goods can be looted.

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  • The player can threaten Jack into ceasing his loan-sharking, but this causes problems down the line - Jack will send bandits after him throughout Yanov, and eventually will lead an ambush on the player himself. After paying Vano's debts Jack will usually go outside his bunker, where he probably dies because of wandering mutants or fighting other Stalkers.
  • Like the bodies of other semi-important characters Jack's body wont disappear so he can be used as a stash of sorts
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