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The Jupiter Underground is a level that appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It is the third level in the game.


The Jupiter Underground can be accessed from the Jupiter Factory, which is located in Yanov. Before entering this location, the player must acquire the Underpass Schematics and then assemble a team of at least one, maximum of four other Stalkers. A suit with a closed cycle respiratory module is a necessity due to the harsh conditions of this underground.

Unlike previous underground levels, this is a rather large but straightforward "tunnel". It contains several large rooms with very high ceilings, as well as a few tight corridors. It is home to several different anomalies, including Vortex anomalies.


The Jupiter Underground is a rather difficult level, especially if you wish to keep your squad players alive, which is a necessity in order to get more positive endings. There are a large number of Snorks in several rooms and a handful of Rodents, as well as a few hordes of Zombified Stalkers. On your way out of the underground, you'll be ambushed by a Monolith squad.


Before you leave with Zulu and whatever other squad members you have, it is highly recommended you ensure you have at least some of these items:

  • SEVA Suit (required)
  • SPSA-14 or Eliminator with lots of 12x70 Buckshot rounds
  • Upgraded, scoped (high-contrast sight suggested) assault rifle with lots of ammo (armor piercing rounds suggested)
  • One RP-74 for yourself...
  • and one for every member of your squad except Zulu who already has one. With the Friend of Duty achievement it is possible to buy several machine guns before entering the tunnel, upgrading them for ammo capacity and RoF to ceate a magnificent wall of lead that will help to keep your squad alive during the monolith ambush. Since you will be stuck in Pripyat until the mission Unidentified weapon has been completed, the loadout you take on this trip is also be what you will have to rely on during that next mission where the heavy firepower will again be appreciated.
  • Alternatively, bring an upgraded Eliminator for Wano and a warsaw pact rifle for Sokolov. Strider and Zulu have generally decent firepower but Wano and Sokolov only have mid-tier weaponry.

If you're able to bring a sniper rifle and an extra armored suit (Guardian of Freedom Suit, PSZ-9d Duty Armor, CHN-3a Battle Armour, SKAT-9M Military Armored Suit, or Exoskeleton), by all means do so.

A (presumably) complete cache walkthrough is available here. While a strong preparation will likely yield the best results, compulsive hoarders will see how prevalent supply caches are in the tunnels and can potentially enter the tunnel empty-handed, relying on the early SPSA-14 and Black Kite. Reducing initial carry weight will allow the player to pull more loot from the tunnel.

After Nitro lowers the elevator, it loses power - you can't leave until you reach Pripyat itself and complete a quest there. If you have brought any guns for your squadmates, drop them in front of their feet before leaving the elevator.

The initial resistance in the level isn't too terribly difficult, but the more party members you bring, the more hectic it becomes, and you'll more likely suffer from friendly fire incidents.

The first few sections of tunnels are patrolled by Rodents and Snorks, which usually attack in pairs. If the player hasn't brought a back-up suit, their flash-light will be the only way of seeing anything - and due to the short range, one will have to rely on their teammates' flashlights in order to spot most threats at a distance. A handy solution to this is to purchase a night vision scope from the trader Owl. They can be attached to many of the assault rifles and the eliminator shotgun, allowing you to check for snorks approaching at a distance without needing to remove the SEVA suit. It is important to quick save after every encounter - the snorks get progressively stronger and more numerous until they can tear you or one of your partners apart in seconds.

Eventually, after the first long staircase, the snorks will begin coming from behind, lunging from behind piles of rubble and ventilation shafts to try and get the drop on the team. If Strider and Zulu have survived to this point, they are their normal targets. The large blast doors the player comes across further on marks the last of the mutant threat - upon nearing it, three snorks will leap from behind, and once the door opens, another five come scrambling through it - if the player panics and hits the switch too soon, his squad can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer onslaught. Quicksave. It is possible to toss a hand grenade in their way while the door is just beginning to open.

After they breach the main chamber of the underground, the player is free to switch out the SEVA Suit for a more rugged suit if they brought one - the carbon monoxide and chemical compounds dissipate. By searching around, a Jellyfish can be found near the only lit building, inside a cargo container. The goal is to now turn on the power and open the last door leading to the Pripyat sewer system. Climbing onto the generator and throwing the switch triggers an ambush - Monolith units were prepared for such an event, and come pouring out from behind the cargo containers behind the player, led by an Exoskeleton-clad expert. After putting them down, the player can investigate their hideout for a silencer, before returning to the lit building.

A sniper rifle or a very accurate assault rifle is a must for this next part, as the moment the player approaches the top floor of this building, Monolith snipers appear on catwalks, and begin firing on either him or his surviving squad. One appears high on the left, and another on the right, while more troops move in from one of the tunnels on the right side. The snipers are the first priority as they can easily kill the player with a single shot from each of them. However, Strider does a good job killing the snipers but don't rely on him or any of your teammates unless you have turned them into walking machine gun nests:

Bringing several RP-74s for your squad greatly increases their chance of survival during these monolith encounters. The combined volume of fire is even sufficient to mow down the snipers from across the hall in seconds. The AI targeting combined with the amount of bullets compensating for accuracy might take them down faster than the player can spot them.

Once this ambush is put down, the most difficult part of the trip is done. Up ahead are numerous Zombified Stalkers, and a few more snorks, but they're relatively easy to put down. Push through a couple chambers of these, and you'll have made your way into Pripyat.

If any of your teammates die at any time, the ending of your campaign will suffer. It is recommended that you restart from a previous save game if you suffer a casualty. Be sure to quicksave often, preferably before opening a door to a new area. Giving them a better weapon also helps.


  • The Jupiter Underground is the first way to get to Pripyat. After finishing this level and grabbing the Mysterious Weapon following the fight in Pripyat Hospital, Garry can escort the player from Pripyat to Yanov and vice versa.
  • Up to four people can accompany you in the Underground. Those people include Zulu, Lt. Sokolov, Vano, and Strider. Other than providing much needed firepower, Vano will also show the player a safe route through anomaly fields, and Strider will take care of enemy snipers during the Monolith ambush. All four must be kept alive in order to achieve their good ending slideshows.
  • The Pripyat Underground is the only entirely linear level in the game. Once you've reached Pripyat as well as completing the first quest, you can't go back to the Underground ever again. Nitro himself confirms this if you decide to travel back to Yanov and speak to him about using the elevator again.
  • It is unknown how Vano manages to guide the team through the anomalies because, when looted, Vano appears to have a Veles detector which cannot spot anomaly fields.
  • A suit with a closed cycle breathing module is needed to get into the Pripyat Underground. The SEVA Suit is the only one that qualifies.
  • However, while it is mandatory to keep a SEVA suit to go to the Underground, wearing it is, strictly speaking, not required. It is possible for the player to survive the gaseous hazards by wearing a Meat Chunk artifact in his artifact container. Doing this using the Sunrise Suit, or another lightweight suit, upgraded to a carrying capacity of 60 kg potentially expands the amount of loot the player is able to carry from the tunnels.
  • Inside the underground, the Carbon monoxide gas is only chemical damage and it is not totally necessary to use a SEVA suit to survive in the underground, but must be brought to commence the trip. Note, however, that the CO is capable of eating away armor durability at an alarming pace, and even an Exoskeleton without a Meat Chunk or a PSZ-9d Duty armour won't last more than 5 minutes when exposed to the gas. A Meat Chunk artifact must be worn in-tandem to ensure that the gas doesn't kill the player due to compromised armor.
  • In case of severely damaged armor, it is advised to bring some Antidote for protection against chemical damage. Though note that this will not protect armor durability.
  • The player should check for supplies in the tunnels as they progress, as there are often piles of ammunition, medical supplies, and grenades in corners or in vehicles. However it is best to do so after clearing a room, as the AI will often push ahead of you and might get killed. They don't move up until you press the buttons, so it's safer to clear the room first.The most valuable items are a SPSA-14 in the back of the truck as soon as you exit the elevator, a Desert Eagle on the seat of a jeep early in the tunnels, an AN-94 on the big train after going through a door and down some stairs and through another door, two RPG warheads on top of a container near the first Monolith soldiers, a jellyfish artifact in a shipping container near the anomalies in the trainyard, and a SEVA suit in a room to the left of the stairs leading to the trainyard control room (behind several vortex anomalies).
  • After opening the final blast door into the main chamber, the "Carbon Monoxide" safely dissipates and protection is no longer required.
  • The Pripyat Underground was going to be featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and is playable in Build 3120, where it is nearly identical to the model in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. Unfortunately, the level was cut from the game, but Lebedev still mentions it in the Limansk Hospital.
  • As we know from design documents of Shadow of Chernobyl,location was first planned for Shadow of Chernobyl as connector between labs which makes all labs to whole. Even it didn't implemented, we can see references of it throughout the level in form of train tracks and blocked passages in Call of Pripyat.
  • When entering the area where the monolith are going to ambush the group Vano will say "Mess with the best, die like the rest", which is a common saying among the United States Marine Corps.