Kaymanov emitters are structures only seen in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Lab X-18[edit | edit source]

The interior of Lab X-18, just before the room where the documents are present.

When the Marked One met Barkeep, he was given a task by Barkeep to acquire documents regarding about the emitters. The Barkeep told the Marked One that the documents would most likely to be found within a laboratory called Lab X-18, located somewhere in the Dark Valley. Once the documents were procured and handed over to Barkeep, upon examination, made note and explains to the Marked One that the components to the Kaymanov emitters were manufactured in X-18 itself. To get a better understanding of the emitters themselves, he will direct the Marked One to meet up with the Zone's scientific community, the Ecologists, who are currently stationed at Yantar.

Lab X-16[edit | edit source]

After finding out this information, the Marked One traveled through Wild Territory and reached toward Yantar, where he meets Professor Sakharov. With his help, the Marked One is given a psi-protection device, which allowed him to be able to enter the nearby Yantar factory safely and explore the depths of Lab X-16. After turning off the psi-emitter or "miracle machine" (which was an experimental Kaymanov emitter created after a breakthrough in Lab X-18), he discovers the corpse of Ghost, along with important files on him that the Barkeep is looking for. After escaping Lab X-16, the Marked One is thanked by Sakharov for disabling the psi-emitter, and then proceeds to head back to the 100 Rads Bar and turns over the documents to Barkeep.

The Brain Scorcher[edit | edit source]

Inside the Brain Scorcher bunker.

Once the Marked One gives the documents that were obtained within Lab X-16, Barkeep inspects them, and tells the Marked One that with the psi-protection device, to head over to the Red Forest and deactivate the infamous "Brain Scorcher". After battling his way through a large number of brainwashed Monolithian fighters, the Marked One enters the bunker that the emitter's control panel is located in, and shuts off the Brain Scorcher, disabling the last known Kaymanovs emitters in the Zone.

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