Get lost! And stay lost! Merc!
- Khaletskiy

Major Khaletskiy is the Commanding Officer of the military outpost in the Cordon in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Major Khaletskiy originally cooperated with the Loners with their smuggling operations, allowing them to go in and out of the Zone freely so long as they continued to pay him bribes (as his Military Pay was purportedly terrible). Some time later this changed however, and Khaletskiy sold out the Loners to the bandits, eventually being captured and imprisoned in the Loners' main base for stealing an important case that was on its way to Sidorovich. Through dialogue Khaletskiy relates his story, describing how while the Generals and other high-ranking officers bragged about keeping the world safe from the Zone, nobody ever recognized or even commended the actual soldiers who were operating in the Zone itself.


Clear SkyEdit

Major Khaletskiy was kidnapped by Loner Stalkers for hiring Bandits to steal an important case that was on its way to Sidorovich, as well as selling the Loners out to the bandits. Khaletskiy can be found in a prison-like cell in the main Loner base at the Cordon. Upon talking to Father Valerian when reaching the Loner base for the first time, the player will be prompted to talk with the Major in a vain effort to learn the location of Sidorovich's loot. During the conversation, Khaletskiy attempts to buy out Scar to help the military task force out to rescue, which Scar declines.

After returning the case and staying in the Cordon for a while Major Khaletskiy will disappear, but it can be assumed that he was either killed or replaced during his Tour of Duty, as in Shadow of Chernobyl, the Commanding Officer of the Cordon Checkpoint is KuznetsovS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Southern Comfort book suggests that, he has been replaced by Kuznetsov.

Scar can engage in a conversation with Khaletskiy after declining his offer. His dialog goes more into why the smuggling business in Cordon and the Zone in general continues to exist: it is the only way for military forces stationed in the Zone to make a living as the Ukrainian government apparently pays them next to nothing and are largely ignored. The dialog is as follows:

Generals and those morons on TV, you could drown in their bullshit! And how many of these top brass ever went into a raid in this place crawling on their damn bellies in-between anomalies huh? How many of those lazy sons of bitches cleared a sector or spent a day chasing stalkers through the swamps?! Those bastards are always using the army to plug the messiest holes!
- Major Khaletskiy
Well if you're so tired of us then why do you allow smuggling to go on?
- Scar
So what if I let loot through the Cordon for some cash? Huh? I live and let others live understand? Do you even know what my official salary is asshole?! Exactly, you try living on that! They pay me nothing and expect me to feel pride in my job and in my country...the bosses are making a killing out of the Zone just like everyone else. Why shouldn't I? My job is to do what I'm ordered and survive. So I'm surviving as best I can. Curse this whole place and all the assholes in it....I don't know whether to shoot them all or to blow my own brains out!...
- Major Khaletskiy

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Major Khaletskiy has a military associate in the Cordon, (see: Major Khaletskiy's agent)


  • Major Khaletskiy is the highest ranking Military Officer that can be seen in Clear Sky.
  • You may also hand the Major a pistol; once you come back to the base the guards will mention him escaping into the woods after shooting one of Father Valerian's soldiers.
  1. One of the hidden content in this game was that after you give a gun to Major, he escapes Valerians guards and ends up back in the formation in the Cordon Army Base. Player can sneak past the guards at the Cordon Army Base and talk with Major in the so called "Deleted conversation." Major keeps thanking the player for helping him, and tells his side of the story as how he escaped Valerians executioners.
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