...came into a den of some dude, can't remember anything. Just have a PDA on me with a picture of some other dude. There's just one message in the PDA - kill Strelok
- PDA description

This mission is the first and most mysterious. It is also the only clue to the the Marked One's past.

Overview Edit

This mission was given to the Marked One after the events in Clear Sky. When Marked One (a.k.a Strelok ) infiltrated The Sarcophagus and was captured by the C-Consciousness, they did not know of his true identity and tasked him with the mission to kill the stalker called Strelok , who had gotten too far into the Zone and knew too much. However, a mistake was made and they did not know that they had recruited and given him the mission to kill himself.

In-game cutscenes Edit

Other than the PDA mission "Kill Strelok" after the game gets underway, there is little reference to Strelok in the
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The first cutscene, while the player is unconscious

game. Some scant rumors say he is an experienced stalker with a small but fine team.

During the mission in Lab X-18 the player loses consciousness and has what is probably a flashback of himself killing mutated rats at the CNPP.

The second cutscene is after the player turns off the "miracle machine" in Lab X-16. This one is unique in that it is the only cutscene with dialogue beyond one word. Doctor is standing in a gray area holding a photo of the CNPP with his tamed pseudodog at his side. He murmurs: "If this is so important, why didn't you say where you are going? And where did... where did you get this photo from?" It flashes to a later point in time, where Strelok bursts in the door of a small house, holding out a strange colored object that is probably an artifact, and exclaims: "If you only knew where I've been and what I saw there!" Doctor looks disapproving and makes a comment on how things will end badly for him, which turns out correct, because it flashes to a later time again and shows Strelok stumbling in with blood covering his face. The next scene is Strelok lying on a bed with bandages covering his head, and his backpack sitting in the corner with the photo on top of it. It flashes to the last scene. Doctor asks: "Where will you go now?" Strelok's face comes into focus, which is now hideously scarred. His voice is gloomy when he replies: "To... the north."

The last in-game cutscene happens after the player deactivates the Brain Scorcher. Strelok is shown, exhausted and in rags, within the Sarcophagus in front of the Wish Granter (a.k.a. the Monolith). Scenes flash by from other cutscenes in the game, and then it shows Strelok closing his eyes, probably because he is too exhausted to go on and is ready to give up. It finally fades out, showing the Wish Granter.

The C-Consciousness' explanation Edit

If the player obtained the decoder in Pripyat and went to the Monolith Control Center, after he shoots the six small generators the message "Task Failed: Wish Granter" appears on the screen. After this, a dialogue box is opened up with a hologram of a scientist. Everything is explained to the player about the death trucks, the initial experiments, the Noosphere, and many other things. When the player asks about himself, the holographic scientist answers "You are a bolt that fell out of the machine," which means that Strelok was probably intended to become a Monolithian agent before he was given the mission to kill himself.

Notes Edit

  • Interestingly enough, after the C-Consciousness explains everything, when the player loots corpses and it shows his picture on the left, it still shows his name as "Marked One" instead of Strelok.
  • In a fairly ironic way, every time the Marked One dies, this mission is actually completed.
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