Imagine this: there's some weirdo running around here who introduces himself as my sales representative, uses my reputation, and then tries to hand off second-rate stuff! Broken barrels, the armor that's falling apart, expired canned goods. I've already had to deal with a few unhappy clients. Bottom line, I need a man to have a little chat with that "sales representative", whatever it takes."
- Sidorovich

Mission InformationEdit

Sidorovich requires you to kill a rookie stalker, who is posing as his 'Sales Representative'. This 'representative' is, in fact, a con, who rips off stalkers by selling them low-quality goods, and claiming to be supplied by Sidorovich himself, which has made some of his regular buyers angry.

Walkthrough Edit

  • The "sales representative" spawns randomly in Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom or the Dark Valley.
  • He has 2-3 companions, also rookies or experienced Loners who will also become hostile when the target is fired upon.
  • He is always locatable using your PDA either in task mode or map mode.
  • Should the target settle near a recognized camp it may be necessary to employ some stealth in his elimination.
  • In Rookie Camp, for example, to avoid incurring the wrath of his companions, hide in a bush and wait until he passes, then put a bullet in his head with your PB1s silent pistol, or use your knife. One shot will kill him if it's a headshot. Loot him and run.
  • In the Abandoned Pig Farm, despite the large group of Loners residing there and him probably sitting inside a building, he can be easily shot without being noticed. To do this, go outside to one of the windows near the "sales representative". Since the wall broadens beneath the window, you can hop onto the wall, elevating you enough to peek inside and perform a close range headshot with a silenced weapon. The other Loners will be alerted but remain neutral toward you.
  • Alternatively, since his group is itinerant, wait for them to vacate such areas and eliminate them in the open (from cover)
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