I'll make this short. The bandits got around our security posts at the Bar and are now located in the Wild Territory. They need to be eliminated.
- General Voronin

Kill the bandits is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Mission Acquisition Edit

  • The mission is offered by General Voronin.
  • It is the fifth of his repeatable side missions.

Completing the Mission Edit

  • In order to complete this quest the player must eliminate a small group of bandits.
  • As Voronin states, these bandits can be found in Wild Territory, north-west of entrance from the Bar, near the railroad tracks. The group is consisting of 4-5 men, one of them can be equipped with IL 86 assault rifle.

Reward Edit

  • After successful completion of the quest, the player will obtain 3 packs of armor-piercing 9x39mm SP-6 ammo, two VOG-25 grenades and 3000 rubles. Relatation towards Duty faction will be improved by 100.

Notes Edit

  • There may be a group of their comrades guarding the sniper gallery area by the 'little house'.
  • This group may also be comprised of or contain Mercs.
  • Player may also be able to obtain a mission from Barkeep involving the same target, to run concurrently.
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