Kill the tower sniper is a single time mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. It is given by the renegade Duty commander Skull.


As the name suggests, the task is to simply eliminate a Freedom sniper covering a damaged wall in the Freedom fortress in the Army Warehouses. The player can receive the mission by speaking with Skull, who needs the sniper killed so that his team can detonate a case of dynamite and obliterate a damaged wall. Once this occurs, he will take his renegade soldiers and lead an assault into Freedom's base. But first, the Marked One must get rid of that sniper.

It is possible that Skull needs to hire another stalker to accomplish this task because all of his men carry OTs-14 Grozas, which are urban-combat weapons and not really designed for long-range, accurate fire. On top of this, in SoC, the Groza will not accept a scope.

Upon accepting the task, the targeted sniper may quickly become hostile and open fire (most likely, at Skull) so be sure to move quickly otherwise, you may not be able to receive your reward.


Keep these things in mind when you take this mission:

  • A scoped weapon is key to keep your distance from the sniper so he cannot cut you down if you miss.
  • You must pick up and complete this mission to reach the Kill Lukash mission and raid the Freedom base.
  • If a player wants to remain friends or neutral with both factions, kill the sniper at night with a silencer and if you want to be really sure that your relations with freedom is not going to be compromised, then wait for a thunderstorm and rain-showers at night.
  • The mission will stay open if the tower sniper kills Skull. There is no way to collect your reward if he dies however.

Story DialogEdit

' Hello, brother. I'm a Duty member and we're here on a mission. Would you like to join us?

Excellent. There, behind the hill, is the main breeding ground of those bastards - the "Free" ones - and me and my boys are going to stir it up properly. There's just one little problem. The base has only one entrance and it is well guarded. We thought of busting a hole in the fence, but their sniper in the tower won't let us. I don't want to send my guys to catch his bullets... but you - he'll let you come close and definitely won't shoot on sight. If you take him out, we'll owe you. Plus, if it goes as planned, you'll be able to take any equipment at the base, whatever you want.

I've already told you: all you need to do is knock off the sniper at that tower above the fence. So, what do you say? ''

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