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No...What the hell is that? Wait! We're all dead! Help! Someone, help me! Get this thing away from me!

Klimenko's last words

Captain Klimenko is a character that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.



Klimenko is, along with Tarasov, the second highest-ranking survivor of Operation Fairway. Given his rank, it can be assumed he is an experienced veteran of the Zone. It is unknown which Stingray he was part of.

Events of Call of Pripyat[]

When Major Alexander Degtyarev meets the survivors of Operation Fairway in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Klimenko is among the few who survived the repeated Monolith attacks. He is seen sitting on a bed in the main room of the Laundromat. Like most of the soldiers, he cannot be interacted with; instead, if the player attempts to speak with him, he will advise the player to speak to Kovalsky.

While Degtyarev, Tarasov and his squads are sent by Kovalsky to the hospital to recover the Gauss gun from the Preacher, Klimenko and his squad (comprised of Ostrovsky, Sergieyev and Valyushok) are sent in patrol by Kovalsky. When Degtyarev report the death of Morozov and the mysterious weapon he found, Kovalsky receives a message from Klimenko. During the brief broadcast, Klimenko requests help before the radio shuts. Receiving no further reply, Kovalsky asks Degtyarev to investigate.

Degtyarev then goes to their last location, where he find the bodies of all four soldiers, seemingly shot, despite no enemies around. When Degtyarev finds out the squad sighted Monolithians in the area, Kovalsky suggests that they were killed by them, and asks Degtyarev to raid the Bookstore (if it had not been done already) which serves as an outpost for the Monolith.

Later, when Degtyarev is sent by Kovalsky to rescue Stetsenko, and is forced to confront a Controller, Kovalsky theorizes the squad encountered the said mutant, and was forced by it to shoot themselves.


  • His body never disappears, which means the player can use it as a stash of some sort.