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Don't forget ol' Kolobok, stop by sometime.


Kolobok is a former military grunt and Duty's bartender in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Previous history[]

Kolobok was originally a military grunt stationed at the outpost at the Cordon. Their colonel got ill one day and believed he needed a rare artifact to heal him; however, the colonel did not like the idea of hiring stalkers so he instead dispatched a military team to find this unspecified artifact. Kolobok's team were given 30-year-old maps which were undoubtedly not updated with the current Zone. Because of this, they were quickly destroyed by mutants and anomalies. He and his squad's sergeant were the only survivors of the mission.

During this time, Kolobok's legs were crippled and in his own words, "I was lucky to keep them that way." They managed to hold on to their medical kits which allowed them to survive long enough to be rescued by Duty. Duty then nursed them back to health and guided them back to the military outpost shortly thereafter. Following his tour of duty, Kolobok went back into the Zone, asked to join Duty, and was quickly accepted.


Clear Sky[]

He serves as the Duty faction's barman, located in the Duty base and calls his bar "The Peaceful Atom". He gives the location of his stash containing a few VOG-25 grenade shells and F1 grenades for only 350 RU. The stash is located in the switchboard at Duty's base entrance.


  • The "Peaceful Atom" is a term for the Chernobyl NPP.
  • His face model is nearly identical to Bes'.