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Easy as pie... The two of us make our way over to Kopachy - it's not far from here. The rest you'll see for yourself when we get there...


Kopachy is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat


Yar in Yanov station offers this quest. Yar sits around the Freedom side of the station, so he's not difficult to pick out of the rest of the stalkers. When first spoken to, he'll give the player a Tourist's Delight and offer this mission. He doesn't give out a lot of detail regarding what he wants to do.

Accepting his shady-sounding offer will transport both Yar and the player to Kopachy village (Kopachi village in some translations). Yar warns against making too much noise and beckon the player to follow him slowly. It soon becomes apparent that the entire village is full of Zombified Stalkers, but for some reason they do not seem to notice the player or Yar - approaching them too much will cause them to turn hostile. Yar doesn't exactly take his own advice, seeing as he talks to himself quite a lot while creeping about. Firing a weapon at a zombie here will alert all of them and likely get Yar killed, so holding fire is recommended for the time being. After making his way into the second story of the abandoned house in the village, he's tell the player to wait for a bit. Soon enough, a group of Mercenaries will approach and engage the Zombified Stalkers.

Yar will give the player permission to fire on the Mercenaries, and the battle will begin. The Mercenaries are heavily armed, so players should concentrate on the Mercs first rather than the zombies. There may be a couple wearing Exoskeletons, but they go down rather quickly under the barrage of fire from the zombies and Yar's Dragunov. A scoped assault weapon is useful here, and sniper weapons are practical as well. The two openings in the roof are good firing positions, but players should stay in the corner of each opening anyway to avoid catching bullets. There's almost no cover for the Mercs in this battle, so sniping with any weapon should be easy. A noteworthy thing is that if the player doesn't attack any zombie, they will all focus on the mercs (and not even on the player nor Yar).

After the Mercenaries go down, mopping up the remaining zombies, if any, is simple, but is optional if the player hasn't attacked nor approached them. Yar will retreat to the bottom of the staircase in the house and admit he has some explaining to do regarding the sudden firefight and his reluctance to give mission details to the player. He will reveal that he overheard some Mercs talking about a laboratory in Pripyat, while hidden in bushes "minding [his] own business" before and they detected him. He barely got away, but they sent a squad after him. The mission completes here, and Uncle Yar will offer to escort the player back to Yanov if he wishes. It's a good time to loot the Mercs as well.


Yar will reward the player 6000 RU and coordinates to a stash containing a SGI-5k, UDP Compact, ammunition and supplies, located in the surrounding area of the Jupiter factory, near the group of hostile Bandits and the workshop containg the Tools for fine work.


  • It is sometimes possible for the player to sit around and let Yar do the shooting the entire time. His accuracy with the SVDm-2 is a bit lacking, but he'll get the job done eventually.
  • Yar's health is incredibly high that it's virtually impossible for him to die on his own - he can take as much as five Gauss rifle shots to die.
  • There is a Veles detector and medical supplies stashed inside the cabin of the excavator nearby, under the seat.