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Colonel Kovalsky is the commander of Operation Fairway in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Call of Pripyat[]

Colonel Kovalsky is the leader of the STINGRAY group and was aboard the Stingray One helicopter. After the helicopter initiated an emergency landing near a minefield in Yanov, his crew are met by a Free Stalker named Guide who led them safely to Pripyat.

Kovalsky gives the player all of Pripyat's main quests as well as a few optional quests. He seems to be a brave and determined leader - despite the obvious failure of the operation, mounting casualties, and low manpower, he continues to push for Pripyat when the opportunity presents itself, and after taking over a fortified laundromat in the city, he regularly sends out patrols and conducts raids into Monolith-controlled territory. In the final mission Evacuation, he puts his life on the line and fights alongside his men with his Tunder S14.

Kovalsky is shown to value life more than his profession, as evidenced by the fact that he allows the Free Stalkers Vano, Strider, Garry, and Strelok (and possibly Zulu, had he been retrieved by Major Degtyarev after splitting from the group due to Degtyarev's affiliation with the Military) to stay in the Laundromat alongside the stranded Spetsnaz operators - eventually allowing Strelok be evacuated with them. One of his main concerns during all the quests he gives is the fate and safety of the men he sends out.


Colonel Kovalsky has 2 endings depending on his survival:

Kovalsky as he appears in game

He survives the evacuation[]

Kovalsky was questioned by the military high command about Operation Fairway's failure. After a number of investigations and with the top brass unable to make him the scapegoat of the failure, he was given an honorable discharge from the military.

He dies during the evacuation[]

Kovalsky is killed during the evacuation. He is remembered only by a few faded photographs to remind Ukraine about the sacrifices he and his many men made to understand the Zone.


  • It is strange that Kovalsky, a Ukrainian Army officer, can be observed wielding a Tunder S14, which is based on a real assault rifle OTs-14 Groza. The rifle itself saw rather limited service in Russian special forces and probably none in Ukrainian ones. One could argue, however, that he may have picked up a Tunder during his time in the Zone after losing his original service rifle.