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Our faction is called Duty, why you ask? Well, it's simple: if we won't do it, who else will?

General Krylov

General Krylov is a former member of the military and the leader of Duty in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


General Krylov was originally a member of a government Military strike force under the command of Captain Tachenko sent to very center of the Zone when it first appeared. They were tasked to blow up the center with nuclear explosives, however during that time they did not know what to expect in the newly formed Zone, they had no protection against anomalies, no detectors, no information on what to expect, in short they were dropped into the Zone blind. They encountered an emission as soon as they arrived in the Zone, and most of the survivors died from anomalies.

Krylov developed a deep resentment for the Military because they were sent straight to their deaths. He does however have connections in the Spetsnaz. Despite his previous experiences and Military nature, he is quite a nice and decent person.

While he believes that the government left the survivors to die, the true reason for their abandonment was different (covered in detail in the General Tachenko article).


Clear Sky[]

He is the leader of the Duty faction. He was first met by Scar when he needed access to the Agroprom Underground in order to find Strelok's stash. Krylov agrees on the condition that Scar floods the underground in the hopes kill the mutants residing there. When the job is completed, he will give 10,000 rubles to the player when he talks to him again. Once the player has completed this job the player can also ask Krylov to join Duty.