The documents refer to a central laboratory designated X-8, which could contain information about secret experiments conducted in the Zone. Our analysts have been interested in this issue for quite some time.

Major Degtyarev

Laboratory X8: find documents concerning experiments is a main mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description[edit | edit source]

You acquire the Laboratory X8: find documents concerning experiments mission by completing Item 62: find documents in the testing workshop. You must have the Yellow X8 keycard from Item 62: find documents in the testing workshop. You must also complete the One Shot mission to access the entire laboratory. However, this is not required to complete the mission.

The target is the Yubileiny Service Center, which is populated by Zombified Stalkers on the first two floors and Monolith forces on the remaining floors. You need to get to the fifth floor and turn the generator on that powers the elevator. Then take the elevator to the laboratory.

Yubileiny Service Center Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

There is an entrance on the east side of the building and several doorways on the west side, with a phone booth near the southwest corner. The doorway between the phone booth and corner of the building offers the most cover from the Zombified Stalkers. However, you can only go up to the third floor before you have to make your way to the northeast stairs and go up to the forth floor. If you use the east entrance, use the stairs on the right (north) and go up to the fourth floor.

Go south to the central hallway and turn right, then take a left down another hallway to the last door on the left. Go through the room and take the doorway facing north to the stairs immediately on the left. Use the southeast stairs to go up one floor, turn left (south) and take the first left. Head west until you reach the doorway just before the gate. Go through the door and continue west through the hole in the wall and back into the hallway using the first door on the left. Barchuk's body lies on the right side of the hall next to the elevator doors just before you reach the west wall. His PDA indicates he was able to get the generator working. Use the northwest stairs to go up to the top floor, turn left and take the first left. The generator is immediately on the left. Switch the generator on and a new mission displays, Laboratory X8: descend into the laboratory. Now, retrace your steps back to the elevator on the first floor.

Laboratory X8 Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Step into the elevator, face the keypad, and press action to complete the Laboratory X8: descend into the laboratory mission. At the end of the elevator ride, the Laboratory X8: find documents concerning experiments updates to the same thing. You are now standing at the top of some stairs with a secured door at the bottom. Press action to open the door and enter the lab. This spot, just inside the door, is referred to in this walkthrough as the starting point. If you have the red keycard from the One Shot mission, you can open the closed door at the west end of the starting point.

There are six documents in all, and with each find you get a message, Laboratory X8: leave the underground complex or continue looking for documents. Turn east and go through the door with the blue sign having an open book and arrow (Learning Class). A Tesla anomaly emerges from this door and goes down the hall to the right (there's some loot in the lockers), then circles back. Open the door with the matching blue sign above and go down the steps and find a notebook with a description of an experiment.

Go back to the starting point and turn left through the door with a test tube and beaker sign (Laboratory). This room has a matching blue sign near some stairs that go down, and some stairs on the right. Optionally, you can go up the stairs and then up the ladder, where a Poltergeist that can be killed with a couple of shot gun blasts (you may have to shoot some planks if they cover the opening at the top of the ladder). There's also an RP-74 laying on the floor, if you like (there's ammo for it later on). Some Rodents are waiting for you below, so use the hole in the floor to take care of them, then down the ladder and down the stairs. Follow the blue test tube and beaker signs to the bottom of the stairs and into a room with a sunken floor and some radiated water. Go down the stairs and, taking note of the fallen shelf unit, continue west as far as you can. This triggers some more Rodents that come in the same way you did. Go back to the fallen shelf to dispatch the Rodents, then go around the room picking up supplies and the Rainbow emitter - main technical characteristics document.

Now go back up the stairs on the east side of the room and go through the left door into the room with the steaming tank. Go past the steps going up (taking note of the doorway to the elevators), and go down the steps on the left where two large tanks sit. At the bottom of the steps, make an immediate left and find the Order of Transfer and more supplies along the west wall. There's nothing but Rodents in the lower section (under the grates). Back up to the steps going up with a sign that looks like an owl and toilet paper dispenser, but Google Translate says, "Computer Center." If you turn left and go into the emptied computer room, two Snorks attack. You can take them out now or deal with them later. If you continue on the walkway, you only circle back to where you are now. The door on the right goes to the elevators, where some Rodents attack if you go for the loot in the lockers.

Eventually, you need to go up the short set of steps across from the door to the elevators, then to the other set of stair and around to open the door. This leads down a short hallway to a room with a large hole in the floor and, if you didn't take them out in the computer room, the Snorks attack. Move along the wall to the right (west) and up the stairs to a doorway with a knife and fork sign (Canteen). As you enter this room you hear a baby crying, coming from the ladies' room. Take out that Gauss rifle and be ready to shoot as soon as the door opens. Otherwise, the Burer on the other side rips the gun from you, and it doesn't go well from that point on. With the Burer down, turn to the north and find the table with the Research documents.

Go back to the room with the hole in the floor and drop down to the level you were at before. Go either way to return to the room with the steaming tank, back down the stairs and, this time, turn around to the left and go to the elevators. Go into the last bay and up the ladders two floors (not all the way to the top) and jump through the open door. Get your Gauss rifle ready again, because there are three Burers in the next room. Use the doorway as cover to take them out and find the Report on study of samples in the center of the room. Then, up the stairs to a room with the final document, Manual for item 62. When you pick up the document, you can hear a door closing. This is the secured door you unlocked at the start of the level. Also, the mission updates to Laboratory X8: leave the underground complex.

Return to the elevators and jump to the grate on the left and up the ladder, then up the side of the elevator car and drop down into the elevator. There's a Controller waiting at the starting point (where all the doorways with blue signs are). Once you defeat the Controller, the door opens again. Go up the stairs and into the elevator, then face the key pad and press action. At the end of the elevator ride, the Laboratory X8: leave the underground complex mission is complete and Kovalsky radios you that he needs to talk in private. The A quiet word: talk to Kavalsky mission displays.

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