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There is something: we need to find out about the latest developments made at the Jupiter plant. I really need the technical documents concerning these developments. You should probably look for them in the administrative part of the plant.


Last developments is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is available from Hermann after the completion of Anomaly research. Hermann asks the player to get documents about Project 62 from the Jupiter factory, pointing the player towards the administrative area.

While this seems to be a simple delivery mission, a surprise awaits the player. Once they grab the documents, Black's team ambush the player in the building, resulting in a close-quarters shootout.

Killing Black's team is entirely optional. However, they will remain in the area forever, and the player will miss the opportunity to give Hermann Black's PDA for an extra reward. If the player isn't particularly prepared to fight enemies (three wearing the tough Exoskeleton), they should probably make a run through the windows and avoid any fight.

If the player decides to counterattack, this will be a bit difficult. Skull will ambush the player at the doorstep with a SPSA-14, along with Corpse. The player must quickly take down Skull as his shotgun can deal serious damage. Once that done, the rest of the team (four mercenaries, including Black) will wait for the player at the bottom floor. It is advised to stay in cover by the staircase and engage them at range - making any accurate assault rifle very recommended. Once all foes are down, loot Black's corpse for his PDA. As well, Black's weapon is a high-end GP37 assault rifle that may serve great purpose for players as it has very low recoil and high accuracy.

The player must then bring the documents (and Black's PDA if obtained) to Hermann to complete the mission.


The reward for the mission is 7500RU, three Scientific medkits, five Anti-rads, two Psy-blocks, Antidotes and Radioprotectants. As well, an extra 2500RU can be earned by giving Hermann Black's PDA.

Completing this mission unlocks Guarding the scientists.


  • It is possible to have some of the Mercenaries killed by stray gunfire while they are still at the bunker without assaulting the bunker yourself. To do so, bring a bullet resistant armor and some medkits and then aggro wandering stalkers or lure in a zombie from the nearby Volkhov AA Complex. Then kneel behind the Merc you want dead attracting fire to that position while using your victim as a meatshield. By doing so, one can severely cripple the team before they can ambush the player in Jupiter, and also leave some handy permanent corpses at the bunker for later use as stashes. Warning: Having Black killed in this manner prevents the player from acquiring his PDA because it only appears in his inventory when he appears for the ambush.
  • Blind dogs often roam by the courtyard of the plant. While they cannot withstand much damage, luring them towards the mercenaries can help the player as not only might they kill one or two mercs, they will also distract them, which can allow the player to score headshots and quickly wipe out the team.
  • As well, a rare and powerful Eliminator can be found hidden in a flipped desk just by the documents, which can serve good purpose for the CQB parts of the mission.
  • The player is given the only opportunity to deliver Black's PDA to Hermann. Most likely due to an oversight, if the player takes Black's PDA after completing the mission, they will not be able to give it to Hermann, effectively meaning it will be stuck in the player's inventory as due to the item's nature, it cannot be discarded.


  • If the player attacked the laboratory and killed all the mercenaries protecting it, they will not appear during the mission, making it effectively a simple delivery mission. However, this will also force the player to wipe out Topol's team, which severely affects rewards and relations with the Ecologists.