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The Laundromat is a location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


After Operation Fairway failed and all five Stingrays crashed, the Military field commander Colonel Kovalsky rallies the surviving Spetsnaz operatives. They are escorted to Pripyat by Guide where they clear a Monolith garrison in a fortified laundromat which they immediately establish as their forward operating base.

Upon the arrival of Major Degtyarev (and Lieutenant Sokolov if he survives), the Military presence at the Laundromat numbers 14 (16 should Degtyarev and Sokolov be accounted for). It should be noted that one of the initial survivors was killed seizing the building (nothing about the soldier aside his rank, Senior Lieutenant, is known).

Kovalsky is quartered on the second floor while most of Military personnel linger downstairs. Mutant attacks and constant Monolith skirmishes whittle down their numbers to the point only about half of the soldiers remain by the time they are evacuated (even less so should any more of them die during the final mission).

In the immediate wake of the Military's departure, Garry and a small group of Loners, including Yar, occupy the building and establish it as a Stalker camp, probably the first stable camp in Pripyat. Garry acts as the guide between Pripyat and Yanov while Yar functions as both technician and medic.


  • There is no merchant at this location. The free repairs offered here however allow you to "export" any weapons you find to traders in Yanov and Zaton for a sizeable profit.
  • The interesting thing is if Strider is able to make it to the Laundromat, he just vanishes at some point in the game and is nowhere to be found. Strider is also not mentioned again until the credits. The same applies to Zulu if he was rescued.
    • The first disappearance may be explained by Strider's personal goal of investigating his past and restoring his lost memories. During the trek through the Pripyat 1 underpass, he mentions being familiar with the area. He might have needed to join up with his group and an overt rendezvous with his fellow ex-Monolith fighters might have turned the Laundromat inhabitants hostile.
  • For some reason, the building does not protect Stalkers (excluding the military, the player, Yar, and Garry) from emissions. When one is about to strike, they will evacuate and will hide in nearby buildings before returning afterwards.
  • The player is briefly allowed to draw weapons inside the Laundromat during the evacuation mission.
  • Even if Yar dies during the Kopachy mission, he will nonetheless appear at the Laundromat (this is a developers' mistake).