Common garb of a novice stalker. It won’t save you from bullets or anomalies, but it’s still better than nothing. Does not hold any artifacts by default, but can be upgraded to hold up to two artifacts.
- Clear Sky in-game description

The Leather Jacket is a basic outfit featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The leather jacket does not provide sufficient protection from the Zone's harsh conditions, since it's simply a leather anorak with blue trousers tucked into hiking boots. Typically, it's also worn with a backpack with extra straps across the chest. The leather jacket offers little protection from gunfire or claws and it's absolutely useless against radiation or anomalies.

Bandits use a slightly different outfit, to identify themselves from rookie stalkers, with black leather. It's simply called bandit jacket.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

The player starts with this jacket in his inventory. The variant given to the player is a tan color. The suit can be bought from Sidorovich. Other Loners may be seen with white Leather Jackets, which cannot be obtained by the player. It is the worst suit in the game by far, and provides very little protection. A unique variant exists, called the Skinner Anomaly, which still isn't particularly effective.

Users Edit

The suit is worn only by Rookies and very rarely by experienced Loners.

Notable usersEdit

Tips Edit

It is easily possible to replace this suit with a Mercenary suit hidden in the Rookie Village.

Alternatively, one can also take the mission from Nimble to find the Mail Jacket and simply never turn it into him. The player can use this jacket to make it to the bar or to the Dark Valley where they can find a stalker suit. After the player has used it up and it offers next to no protection anymore accept the mission from Nimble and give it to him.

Two special copies of the Leather Jacket (which only offer 30% Rupture protection) can be found in an attic room in the Military checkpoint in Cordon; these are actually copies of the partially removed Army Outfit.

Clear SkyEdit

It is worn by rookie Loners and rookie Clear Sky members. It can be upgraded to use a pair of night vision goggles and can be upgraded to slightly increase its protection and durability with most upgrades costing only 350 RU. If one has a thing for Leather Jackets it can sport a light kevlar vest for 1,100 RU which increases it's bulletproof stats and reduces the chance of small caliber pistol bullets from causing the player to bleed. However, it is really pointless to extensively upgrade it unless one is actually serious about using it further than the Swamps. There is a unique Leather Jacket called A Durable Leather Jacket which is as the name indicates Very durable.


Upgrades marked in green are anomaly-oriented upgrades, while those marked in red are combat-oriented upgrades. Unlike other suits, for leather jacket they are not mutually exclusive.

Hover over icon to see upgrade description.

SCS Kevlar Armor Upgrade Icon
Kevlar body armor (1100 RU)
Additional suit armor, +2 suit weight
SCS Relief vest upgrade icon
Relief vest (350 RU)
+5 carry weight
SCS Hard leather inserts upgrade icon
Hard leather inserts (350 RU)
50% better protection from rupture, gunfire and explosions, +0.5 suit weight
SCS Tarpaulin bodysuit upgrade icon
Tarpaulin bodysuit (350 RU)
50% better protection from fire and electricity
SCS Nightvision upgrade icon
Night vision device (350 RU)
Installs a green-tint night vision device
SCS Gasmask upgrade icon
Gas mask (350 RU)
50% better protection from radiation and chemical burns
SCS Artefact slot upgrade icon
Artifact container (350 RU)
+1 artifact slot, +1 inventory weight
SCS Artefact slot upgrade icon
Artifact container (350 RU)
+1 artifact slot, +1 inventory weight


Call of PripyatEdit

The suit isn't available to the player in the game in the traditional sense; Instead, Degtyarev will wear it when he is not wearing another suit. It provides a very minor protection from only two anomaly types (electrical and chemical) as well as 10% damage resistance to explosions, bullet wounds and mutant attacks, and it has no artifact slots.


  • Scar wears a grey version of the Leather Jacket in the E3 2007 STALKER Clear Sky demo.
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