Shit! The zombies are coming from all sides!
- Lefty

Lefty is a Loner stalker who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Lefty (Levsha / Левша) is the leader of a group of experienced and veteran stalkers working for Professor Sakharov in Yantar. He and his team mainly deals in things that scientists would require outside their bunker, such as collecting samples and taking measurement and such since scientists do not excel in combat, in return for their service they are given both cash and high quality medical aid.

Appearances Edit

Clear Sky Edit

Lefty and Scar were requested by Professor Sakharov to repair the cooling system of Lab X16's miracle machine as it caused constant emissions due to a failure in it's cooling system, despite the hordes of zombies that came their way they managed to repair the cooling system and stabilize the situation in Yantar. Lefty has a high probability of dying whilst escaping as he is surrounded by zombies. He carries an upgraded Colt M1911 and an AKS-74U.

In the event that he should survive the zombie onslaught, he will camp down along with the rest of his squad just outside the factory's east gate where he doesn't do or offer anything of interest. If he is the lone survivor of his squad he will return to where Scar first meets him, sit down and talk to himself.

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