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A Space Bubble, brother, is one of the shittiest shits to ever grace the zone.


Leshiy is a character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky as a mercenary and in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl as a veteran Freedom member.


Leshiy (as his brother calls him) came to the Zone a young idealist[1]. His career began as a member of a mercenary team, under the command of Hog, on a mission to retrieve a valuable artifact for an outside buyer. During this period, he had the unpleasant experience of being trapped in a space anomaly after a blowout along with his fellow mercenaries. When freed by Scar from his situation, he and his men assisted Clear Sky in capturing the bridge to Limansk by invading the other shore from the flank and lowering it.

Sometime after these events, he left the employ of the mercenaries and joined Freedom. Living just a hair's breadth from death all the time has turned him into a cynical realist. He considers the Zone his home and anyone who failed in it unworthy to walk the face of the Earth.[1]


Clear Sky[]

Leshiy is a squad leader in Hog's mercenary group. The player is required to acquire the coordinates from Forester and transmit them to his group, so that he can attack the Bandits outpost at the Limansk bridge and secure it for Clear Sky. During the attack, he emerges from the northern flank with his team and provides fire support.

After the first ensemble of bandits is eliminated, he and his men will descend to the ground from the hill and take cover in the unfinished bricked building. One of his team will then run up to the bridge's control panel and start lowering the bridge. The player needs to protect him from snipers emerging on the hill. When the bridge has been lowered the Clear Sky squads will finish off the remaining bandits and Leshiy will meet Lebedev by the Limansk road tunnel.

Leshiy will reward the player for protecting his team from the snipers on the hill. He will give a different Artifact depending on how many of his team have survived. After the meeting with Lebedev he will stay at the lookout post on the east side of the bridge for a short time, he will then go to a small camp on the west side of the road to Yantar and stay there for a while. This will give the player plenty of time to collect any reward from him.

List of Artifacts given, depending on how many of Leshiy's team survive:

  • if 4 team members survive - Kolobok (artifact)
  • if 3 team members survive - Flame
  • if 2 team members survive - Soul
  • If 1 team member survives - Eye
  • if 0 team members survive - Nothing

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Some time after the events of Clear Sky, Leshiy joins the newly relocated Freedom faction. He assumes a lesser role as a guard of the base's entrance, along with Twig. He is armed with the Sniper SGI, a unique variant of the SGI 5k assault rifle.


  • Leshiy is the only one to call Scar by his callsign Scar instead of Merc. This is viewed when talking to him to claim your reward.
  • In Clear Sky, despite being part of the Mercenary faction, Leshiy wears the Sunrise suit, which is normally only worn by Loner Stalkers.
  • It is odd that, seeing how Leshiy despises Space Anomalies, he joined Freedom, which wishes to live peacefully with the Zone.



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