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For a long time no one heard anything about that town. Many folks don't believe Limansk ever existed. Only they're lying: the town exists - I saw it with my own eyes before the first disaster. You see, there was a closed institute there, a real big one, with houses built specially for scientists and their servants. It was a research institute with some fancy name...something like Radiowave. They put up a huge antenna too, the size of a five-story building! Real intellectuals, those fellas. Only there was never any peace in Limansk. Its residents were always cagey, suspicious of strangers. Always muttering something under their noses and praising the Soviet regime, even when we had provision shortages. We countryfolk used to go 'round Limansk - the people weren't exactly hearty, and the town kinda made your head hurt...must have been the antenna. Then Chernobyl happened, but Limansk was not even evacuated. They might have screwed something up in the documents, or maybe it was all that secrecy, I don't really know. But that was the last I heard of Limansk. I've got no business there.


Limansk-13[1], simply referred to as Limansk, is an abandoned town located within the confines of the Chernobyl Zone. It can be visited in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


A secret research city, Limansk is an empty place, abandoned by its former inhabitants. The derelict buildings and vehicles that litter the city witness only the occassional bandits or Monolith patrols passing through. After the formation of the Zone, it became an even more unwelcoming place, as anomalies filled the city and its surroundings, cutting it off from the world. Only the Monolith and the Bandits found their way into the city.

When the massive blowout came in September 2011, the anomalies disappeared and stalkers poured into the city, looking for an easy way past the Brain Scorcher and clashed with Bandits and the Monolith. The Limansk war zone is a mandatory element of the player's progress towards the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and a point of no return in the game.

It lies to the north of the Dead City.


Abandoned houses

Limansk was the stuff of legends, considered a myth by many, but Limansk was quite real and existing. Located practically in the middle of nowhere, the city was built to house the Radiowave Institute and accomodate its researchers and staff. The inhabitants weren't popular with local residents, they were suspicious of strangers and trusted no one outside their city. According to Forester, they constantly mumbled something to themselves and praised the Soviet regime even as supply shortages manifested themselves. Furthermore, should any outsider stay in the city, they suffered from headaches, probably caused by the massive radar.[2]

Available evidence suggests that Limansk was a research center focusing on manipulating the human consciousness through use of radiowaves, and also the first field test of the technology, indicated by Forester's statements. Curiously, despite its importance, the city was not evacuated in the wake of the Chernobyl catastrophe. After the second incident, when the first blowout happened, all the remaining citizens disappeared, as if they were burned instantly – only their shadows, dark silhouettes, were left on the walls of the buildings and even they faded with time.[3]

By 2011, the town was completely abandoned, with Stalkers roaming the streets, avoiding deadly anomalies and fighting for dominance over the only route to the heart of the zone not affected by the Brain Scorcher.


SHOC Limansk map annotated.png
  1. Entrance — The tunnel leading from Red Forest to the city exits here. When entering the city for the first time, the player will emerge with a Clear Sky squad and apprehend a Bandit. He can be given a medkit, which results in him giving a valuable hint about a Bandit ambush, or executed.
  2. Bandit ambush — Numerous Bandits hide in the buildings and will fire on the player if he walks down the street. Additionally, the car is booby trapped and will explode if you walk by.
  3. Gastronom — A large stucco building with a small square in front of it. The result of a war between Freedom and Duty fighters is their corpses between the square. Crossing the area will trigger an extremely deadly Monolith ambush, which most likely results in the death of the Clear Sky fighters. The basement of the building contains what is believed to be a teleportation device. (Teleportation machine and all that underground room is a reference to a Russian science-fiction series Guest from the Future.)
  4. Bridge outpost — A fortified position secured by Ukrainian special operations soldiers (Spetsnaz), cuts off access further into the city. A soldier wields a PKM, shooting at the Clear Sky fighters who are pinned down.
  5. Duga-1 Radar — A massive radar installation on top of the hill, previously used for mind control experiments. Next to it, the Construction Site, where the bulk of Monolith troops are holed up.
  6. Radiowave Institute — A large, empty husk of the research institute, Monolith checkpoint.
  7. Exit to Limansk Hospital.


  • The real life counterpart of the Limansk is actually a Soviet-era military base called Chernobyl-2 hidden in the Red Forest, which had a civilian residential area for the families of the soldiers working there. The reason the designers didn't use Chernobyl-2 as a name is unknown although it is obvious they used the real Duga-1 receiver, part of the larger Duga-1 radar array, as a concept.
  • The radar is in the middle of the city even though in real life the Duga-1 receiver is in the middle of a forest.
  • Limansk is modelled on pre-war Kiev architecture.
  • Originally, in Shadow of Chernobyl, there was a map called Dead City, which was believed to be Limansk, until GSC said that Limansk is not a resurrection of Dead City; one thing to prove it is that the Western-merc outpost in Military Warehouse was the entrance to Dead City since along the road to it is a street sign in Russian, pointing there, and saying "Dead City" in Russian. The PDA map in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky also has both Dead City and Limansk on it, proving that they're two different locations. There is a theory that it points towards Pripyat, or points to both Dead City and Limansk at a time, due to all of them being dead cities.
  • While all factions were seen to be in conflict over the control of Limansk, it would appear the Mercenaries have taken over the city, as a group of them shot down Sokolov's plane in his good ending.



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