Each armor includes the official description, protection/resistance values, personal description and opinion, as well as a list of places where you can find and/or buy that particular armor - this is list is not complete in the sense that doesn't list all the places where you may obtain that particular armor.

Please note that the average protection values are based on all eight different types protection - so for a Leather Jacket, for example, its average protection is 8.75% (and not 10%) since it doesn't provide any protection against radiation. The list is sorted by the Average protection values which means that the armor furthest down the list may not be your favorite - or the best for any given situation - but simply has the highest average.

Tier One ArmorsEdit

Tier Two ArmorsEdit

Tier Three ArmorsEdit


  • Oddly, wearing the suit of one faction and entering another faction's territory will not cause them to be hostile, even if the suit obscures the player's face. This is probably done for balancing reasons.