The primary mission sequence is a core and essential portion of all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. Many items, quests and areas will not be available to the player unless certain primary missions are completed. Primary missions often have multiple steps towards the final goal as well as 'hidden' side quests which the player only becomes aware of when entering an area for the first time.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

The following list is given in order of acquisition, each with a separate page explaining how to complete the mission.

  1. Kill Strelok
  2. Get information from the scout
  3. Work for the trader
  4. Get to the railroad embankment
  5. Learn something about Strelok from Fox
  6. Meet with Seriy
  7. Get information about Strelok
  8. Find Strelok's group's stash
  9. Find the Militaries' Documents
  10. Find the documents in the underground lab
  11. Find the documents in X18
  12. Find the documents in X16 lab
  13. Find out what happened to Ghost
  14. Meet with Guide
  15. Talk to Doctor
  16. Secret stash in Pripyat
  17. Turn Off The Brain Scorcher - Mission Description
  18. Disable the Brain Scorcher
  19. Wish granter - Mission Description
  20. Reach the power plant
  21. Secret lab - Mission Description
  22. The Monolith's secret

Clear SkyEdit

  1. Talk to the barman
  2. Talk to Lebedev
  3. Take equipment from the trader
  4. Help the outpost
  5. Head to the outpost with the guide
  6. Ascend the tower
  7. Kill the boars
  8. Ask Lebedev about what happened
  9. Talk to Sidorovich
  10. Go to the great Swamps with the guide
  11. Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps
  12. Capture the approaches to the paths to the outside world
  13. Go to the Cordon with the guide
  14. Meet the stalkers beyond the embankment
  15. Defend the patrol: Bus stop
  16. Meet the stalker leader
  17. Talk to Khaletskiy
  18. Talk to the stalker leader
  19. Eliminate the military at the elevator
  20. Eliminate the military at the depot
  21. Interrogate the military commander
  22. Collect the loot
  23. Return the loot to the trader
  24. Get information about Fang from the diggers
  25. Search the digger's body
  26. Get information from the digger messenger
  27. Kill the blind dogs
  28. Follow Fang to the Dark Valley
  29. Talk to the outpost commander
  30. Find Freedom's base
  31. Respond to the SOS signal
  32. Talk to the commandant
  33. Kill the pseudo-dog: Scraggy encampment
  34. Get orders from the commandant
  35. Get ammo from Ashot
  36. Deliver the ammo to the outpost
  37. Find out what happened at the outpost
  38. Find the active PDA
  39. Bring the PDA to Chekhov
  40. Find the commandant
  41. Help Freedom eliminate the Mercenaries
  42. Take the commandant's PDA
  43. Deliver the PDA to Chekhov
  44. Catch up with Fang
  45. Find Fang
  46. Pick up Fang's PDA
  47. Find the stalker group's stash
  48. Get your items back
  49. Talk to the outpost commander - Agroprom
  50. Talk to the leader of Duty
  51. Reach the hole
  52. Descend into the Agroprom underground
  53. Flood the underground
  54. Destroy the mutants
  55. Leave the flooded area
  56. Leave the underground
  57. Talk to Sakharov
  58. Find PDA with documents
  59. Take the documents to Sakharov
  60. Meet Lefty's group
  61. Fight your way through to the factory
  62. Follow the stalker onto the hangar roof
  63. Don't let the zombies get close to the stalkers on the roof
  64. Go to the Red Forest
  65. Stop Strelok
  66. Eliminate the ambush
  67. Respond to the SOS signal - Red Forest
  68. Pick up PDA
  69. Find a way to the anomalous area
  70. Find the space anomaly
  71. Talk to Forester
  72. Talk to the outpost commander
  73. Meet the mercenaries in the village
  74. Receive the transmission
  75. Find the Compass artifact
  76. Bring the Compass to Forester
  77. Go to the army base
  78. Talk to the mercenaries
  79. Meet up with the Freedom squad
  80. Eliminate the military
  81. Transmit coordinates
  82. Meet Lebedev
  83. Help Clear Sky capture the bridge
  84. Assume firing position
  85. Wait until the stalker squad arrives
  86. Cover mercenaries
  87. Cover the mercenary near the control panel
  88. Eliminate the snipers on the hill
  89. Scout the road through Limansk
  90. Return to the group commander
  91. Find generator
  92. Deactivate the generator
  93. Find a way to Chernobyl NPP
  94. Incapacitate Strelok's psy-protection

Call of PripyatEdit

  1. Stingray 1: investigate the crash site
  2. Stingray 2: investigate the crash site
  3. Stingray 3: investigate the crash site
  4. Stingray 4: investigate the crash site
  5. Stingray 5: investigate the crash site
  6. Area Maps
  7. Evacuation locations - B2
  8. Evacuation locations - B28
  9. Evacuation locations - B205
  10. Road to Pripyat
  11. Stingray squad: find the source of the charges which hit the two helicopters
  12. Pripyat 1
  13. Unidentified weapon
  14. Laboratory X8: find documents concerning experiments
  15. Missing recon unit
  16. Monolith forces
  17. Missing sentry
  18. Laboratory X8:descend into the laboratory
  19. A quiet word: talk to Kavalsky
  20. Radio interference
  21. Unknown: investigate the source of the signal
  22. Evacuation
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