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Climatic music in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is one of the very important things that makes this game original and characteristic. Many songs played by Stalkers in various situations are liked by players, unfortunately are hard to identify as there are no lyrics. Here you can find a list of songs that were successfully recognized.


Here is a list of Guitar version songs, taken straight from the game files[1]. Though they still need to be properly named, these songs are present in all of the games as exactly same files.

File name Song title
guitar_1.ogg The ferris wheel of Pripyat
guitar_2.ogg Stalkers' life
guitar_3.ogg Peaceful ending
guitar_4.ogg A new dawn
guitar_5.ogg He was a good stalker
guitar_6.ogg "Against the ionized odds" - Firelake
guitar_7.ogg Solo from "Against the ionized odds" - Firelake
guitar_8.ogg Introduction from folk traditional Tsyganochka
guitar_9.ogg Sleepless night
guitar_10.ogg The brightest twilight
guitar_11.ogg Kordon

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Music in SoC is the only one thus far that got its original soundtrack version.

Here is a list of music files taken straight from the game files[2]. They still need to be properly named if only those are somewhat folklore song. Otherwise those original and most probably, only the game makers know what are the titles - assuming there were given any to begin with.

File name Song title

Clear Sky[]

The game has the same OST as the one in Shadow of Chernobyl.

It also features the themes of Freedom, Duty, Clear Sky, Loners and Bandits faction.

Call of Pripyat[]

The background music was composed and performed by Alexey Omelchuk. The twelve songs of the OST can be copied from the Call of Pripyat disc. The song "Live to Forget" by FireLake is played during the credits at the end of the game.

Call of Pripyat also features 16 new guitar medleys. These are files extracted straight from the game files. There are total 16 medleys.

File name Song title
guitar_1.ogg Song name here
guitar_2.ogg Live to Forget - Firelake
guitar_3.ogg Song name here
guitar_4.ogg Song name here
guitar_5.ogg Russian sailor's dance/Матросский танец(a piece of it done on an acoustic guitar)
guitar_6.ogg "Davai Nayarivay" - Lube
guitar_7.ogg "Nese Halya Vodu" - Ukrainian folk song
guitar_8.ogg Song name here
guitar_9.ogg Song name here
guitar_10.ogg Song name here
guitar_11.ogg Song name here
guitar_12.ogg Song name here
guitar_13.ogg Song name here
guitar_14.ogg Song name here
guitar_15.ogg Song name here
guitar_16.ogg Song name here


Songs of the game:

  • Troika
  • White Russia


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