The M433 Grenade, called the M203 Grenade in games, is a type of grenade launcher shell ammunition featured in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


The M203 Grenade is a 40x46mm breach-loading, low-velocity, anti-armor and anti-personnel grenade shell that detonates when it hits a hard object. It has a High-Explosive Dual Purpose warhead with both a shaped charge designed to penetrate armor and a shrapnel charge to attack nearby personnel. When it detonates, it releases a powerful, short-range explosion that would disorient and/or kill everyone in its blast radius. The 40mm grenade shell is commonly used for NATO type grenade launchers.

Used by the: M203 Grenade Launcher and the FT-200M's integral underbarrel grenade launcher. The cut Bulldog 6 m209 in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl also uses these grenades.


Shadow of Chernobyl

A grenade for the ?203 grenade launcher (for the TRs 301, GP 37, SGI 5k, IL 86 rifles) and the integrated grenade launcher of the FT 200M.
- Ingame description

Note: The '?' mistake is present in the game.

These grenades can be found in several stashes in the Red Forest, and Freedom will commonly reward the player with M209 grenades after completing missions. If the player becomes friends with Freedom, Skinflint may have them for sale.

Clear Sky

Grenade used with the M203 under-barrel grenade launcher and the FT 200M integrated grenade launcher.
- Ingame description

Quite a few stashes in the Dark Valley contain M209 grenades, and it is possible for Ashot to have them in stock.

Call of Pripyat

40 mm grenade for the M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. This round has a 5 meter kill zone. Also suitable for use in the FT-200M integrated grenade launcher.
- Ingame description.

Owl will have M203 grenades available if the player heavily sides with either Bandits or Stalkers throughout the campaign. Hawaiian will offer them if the player sides with Freedom.


M433 HEDP being loaded into breach of GL5040 in CoP


  • Both in Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky this item is called M209 grenade while in Call of Pripyat it is called M203 grenade.
  • Its correct nomenclature is M433 and its type is HEDP (High-Explosive, Dual-Purpose).


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