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The Machine yard is a major location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. It is situated in the Great swamp.


The Machine yard lies in the northeastern part of the swamp. It has been seized by Renegades and serves as their main base in the marshes. To the west, the ruins of a village are falling apart. To the north, there is a Fault anomaly and the Encampment near truck next to it. Northeast of the yard the Northern farmstead is located.


The Machine yard is made of the two warehouses, a parking lot with a panoply, the remnants of another storage house and several water tanks and other debris scattered around. It may have been used for construction work when the area was flooded in 1991[1]. The yard seems to favor the defending Renegades, as the buildings and vehicles are providing strong cover.


The Machine yard is the Renegades main base of operations in the Great swamp.


Clear Sky[]

The Machine yard is one primary objective of the Faction wars in the swamps for Clear Sky. It must be conquered in order to achieve superiority over the Renegades.


Besides several 12x70 Buckshot rounds and some random loot, three boxes of 5.45x39mm FMJ ammunition can be found on a table inside one of the buildings.



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