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Common weak bandit body armor with mail plates sewn in its backing. Almost everyone can do it, but not everyone by far will have enough patience to.

In-game description

The Mail Jacket is a unique variant of Bandit jacket featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


An upgraded Bandit Jacket with mail plates sewn into it. The jacket provides better protection against bullet and rupture damage than the Leather Jacket but no extra protection against anomalies.

The suit is target of a mission Find the perfected suit given by Nimble. Thanks to its quite good bulletproof cap (28%) and low weight (3 kg), it is worth not giving Nimble the suit (although this will prevent the player to get the Stone Flower as a reward), since the first suit with quite good protection from bullets will be the Monolith Suit found in Lab X-18 (a stalker suit gives only 2% more protection from bullets than the mail jacket). The Mercenary suit, on the other hand, features less firearms protection but has better overall hit protection, and can be found in the starting area. Once the player is done using the suit, they can still give it to Nimble to complete the mission.


It can be found in the Cordon, inside of a tunnel near a dead Stalker surrounded by wild dogs as part of the Find the perfected suit given by Nimble. The suit is being guarded by a Pseudodog.