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A compact, large caliber pistol with short bolt movement and lightweight bolt assembly. Used to belong to a Mercenary called Wolfhound. Appears to be a modified UDP Compact pistol.

In-game description

The March is a unique weapon featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The lightweight bolt assembly and short bolt movement results in lower recoil and a higher rate of fire than the stock UDP Compact pistol. It weighs less than most other pistols thanks to its lightweight bolt, compact design, and polymer grip and frame. It is also far more accurate than the standard UDP Compact as well as any other pistol in the Zone.

This pistol can be modified to fire fully automatic, and its magazine capacity can be increased to 16, double that of a standard USP Compact. The recoil can be made even lower, its rate of fire can be further increased, and its accuracy can be raised to 100% in the inventory meter. Combined with .45 ACP Hydroshock ammunition, the March can eliminate human and soft targets with relative ease at short and short-to-medium range, such as building interiors.

This pistol will shoot faster than a Black Kite while matching its handling and accuracy. With a weight of only 0.72 kg unloaded, it is a more than a kilogram lighter than the Black Kite. The lower weight alone makes this a coveted weapon with discerning stalkers. The only downside of this pistol is that the damage is lower: at 42% versus the 50% of the Black Kite.

With sufficient proper modifications, this is one of the best pistols in the Zone. It can be used as a substitute for a rifle or a Viper 5 for snipers. It is more reliable than the Alpine and the Steppe Eagle in terms of performance.

Compared to the Steppe Eagle it's a bit different. The March has slightly more ammo, accuracy, lower recoil, and handling. It has about 80% the damage using the same ammunition. Its main points are much higher rate of fire and less than half the weight, as well as the capacity to mount a suppressor, making it highly reliable for short range stealth kills.

When using full-auto fire, the low magazine size and comparably high rate of fire might become a problem. Also, modifying to fully automatic fire does not decrease it's wear-out rate, making the pistol lose it's durability extremely fast when using full-auto mode. One might consider using the one-round mode unless fighting tough mutants.


The March can be used as a lightweight sidearm for players who carry a heavy specialized weapon yet still want to ability to sprint long distances without the weight of an assault rifle. This is an excellent sidearm for the roaming sniper if an assault rifle/sniper rifle combination proves too taxing endurance-wise. The low cost of repair compared to a full-size weapon is beneficial in all cases.


This one-of-a-kind weapon can only be purchased from Nimble. Buying this gun, or any other from Nimble triggers a side-quest with Snag. Snag will attempt to take the player's gun away, claiming it is his own.